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How to Successfully Manage Remote Call Center Agents

Today’s virtual call center solutions allow for more flexibility than ever, especially when it comes to remote workers. Thanks to these cloud-based applications, all your call center agents need to do their job is a computer and a strong Internet connection.

Remote agents help cut back on operational costs, and because of their work flexibility, tend to have higher satisfaction and lower turnover rates.  But because remote employees work outside of a central office or location, some call center managers worry about how to monitor and manage their activities.

With modern day virtual call center software, it’s simple.  We’ll show you how to successfully manage remote call center agents so you’ll continue to manage a productive workforce, no matter where in the world your agents are located.

Utilize quality assurance tools

One of the most important ways that you can successfully manage remote call center agents is through quality assurance tools.  These tools are often included with virtual call center software, and can help you ensure that agents are performing up to your call center’s standards.

Tools such as call scoring allow you to grade calls using the criteria that you specify as most important.  By routinely tracking, scoring, and sharing the results of these quality assurance evaluations with your remote employees, you can help your team better understand the standards by which their performance is measured.

Listen in on calls

Even though they aren’t in your physical call center, your remote employees spend most of their time on the phone.  Because of this, it’s essential to listen to the calls taking place in your business.  With tools like live monitoring and call recording, you can monitor and manage your remote call center agents just as you would an on-site employee.

Live call monitoring allows you to listen to calls taking place live on your system. If your call center software also offers tools like call whisper and call barge-in, you can even offer your remote agents tips and suggestions in real time. Call recording allows you to record calls taking place for future review.

Both of these options give call center managers the opportunity to coach their remote employees based on their performance on these calls.

Check your call logs and reports

Virtual call center software comes with a number of reporting tools that can help you analyze how your business is performing.  These tools, along with call logs, are essential when managing remote employees.

Your call logs will show you the history of employees’ calls and reports will you show you information like time spent on a call and call hold times. Reviewing these key metrics ensures that your employees are meeting the standards of your call center.

Managing Remote Call Center Agents

The tools and tips discussed in this article are helpful strategies for managers to implement in order to successfully manage their remote agents.

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