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How to Use Call Recording to Improve Customer Service

A primary concern for any business is the effectiveness of their customer service. Good customer service equates to happy customers and that typically means that your business is thriving.  There are many things a business can do to improve their customer service and as of recently, many businesses are beginning to take advantage of VoIP calling features for this purpose.  One feature in particular, call recording, is popularly utilized for customer service purposes. In this article we’ll explore how to use call recording to improve customer service so you can begin taking advantage of this must-have feature and start experiencing improved customer satisfaction.

How to Use Call Recording to Improve Customer Service

You can use call recording to improve customer service and customer retention.

Monitoring customer service calls enables you, the call center manager or office supervisor, the opportunity to improve customer service by improving the quality and delivery of information that customers receive.  Adding this quality assurance step to the customer experience helps ensure that the customer gets the right information, and all the information, explained in a way that the customer can understand.  It also helps ensure that the customer feels well-treated, aiding customer retention.

Unfortunately, many customer calls arrive at the same time during the day, so you cannot monitor all the calls simultaneously.  And there are times when you have to attend meetings or interviews and can’t be online with your team.  This is where call recording really helps.

Call recording allows you to listen to any call that takes place in your company without having to listen to it live, in real-time.  Without call recording, at best, you could listen to one call at a time, in real-time, and you could never monitor two calls at the same time.  Being able to review calls off-line is a huge advantage for extremely busy businesses.

You can review calls for average time spent on the call, how long customers are put on hold and listen to the conversations that your employees are having with your customers.   Are your representatives staying on topic?  Are your customer representatives answering your customer’s questions correctly?  By reviewing these calls and noting these statistics, you’ll have a big-picture view of the customer service taking place in your company, and you’ll have the opportunity to see areas in need of improvement.

Reviewing Calls for Missed Information

The call recording feature allows you to listen to any of the calls that have taken place in your business.  That’s extremely useful when your employees or yourself are talking with several customers throughout the day.   Sometimes you may overlook a customer request or misunderstand customer information relayed over the phone.

Call recording solves this issue because you can go back and listen to each of these calls as many times as you need to in order to confirm details.  This helps improve customer service because you’ll be able to double-check customer requests and remove confusion between your business and your audience.

Train Employees Based on Past Calls

Businesses soar when their employees are well-trained and informed.  Because your employees constantly interact with customers over the phone, they’re seen as the first line of communication to your audience.  Because of this, it’s important that you properly train each of your employees to correctly interact on the phone.

Your past recorded calls will come in handy here.  By listening to calls handled by your staff, you’ll hear instances where an employee may be giving incorrect information or possibly putting customers on hold too long.  You can use instances like this to find training issues, to retrain your employees, to update procedures, and as a result, make future phone interaction with customers a better experience for all concerned.  This then helps improve customer service.

As you can tell, call recording offers many advantages for your company.  By implementing the suggestions here, you can begin to use call recording correctly and start improving your business’s customer service.