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Improve Customer Experience with Virtual Call Center Solutions


Whether your call center is focused on driving sales or responding to customer inquiries, your goal is the same: to create a positive, helpful experience that will result in customer acquisition and retention. When your customers have consistently positive interactions with your call center agents, and you know that they’ll stay with your business, everyone wins. With virtual call center software, you can improve customer experience without spending a fortune on expensive, on-premises solutions.

The Cost of an Unhappy Customer

If your call center is not up to par when it comes to customer experience-related KPIs, such as first call resolution and average wait time, it’s time to re-evaluate your current practices.

According to recent studies, the average contact center receives about 2.5 million customer contacts per year. If even 5% of those customer contacts go unresolved, then you’re left with 125,000 unhappy customers. Simply put, your contact center can’t afford to dismiss the importance of customer satisfaction.

More and more call centers are beginning to see the connection between customer experience and their bottom line, and they’re choosing to migrate to cloud-based solutions for this reason. Cloud-based contact center solutions allow businesses to stop worrying about IT and focus on their customers. They also offer a wide variety of features that can resolve common problems that can negatively affect customer experiences.

Configuring Your Call Center for Customer Satisfaction

Cloud-based contact center solutions aren’t magic. Even if you’ve decided to take the next step and implement a cloud-based call center, you will probably run into many of the same customer satisfaction problems that traditional contact centers experience.

So, what's the advantage?

With the features and flexibility offered by a cloud-based call center solution, you can easily address these concerns, and implement strategies to prevent them.

Some of the top features used to improve customer experience include:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Monitoring
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Call Whisper
  • Custom Caller ID

How to Improve Customer Experience with Virtual Call Center Solutions

Let's walk through some common customer experience problems, and talk about how to resolve them using virtual call center software.

Customer A is frustrated because he had to repeat himself multiple times during a single call. 

With a properly configured Interactive Voice Response (IVR), this is an easy fix. Most cloud-based call center solutions offer you the ability to customize your IVR to collect pertinent information before the customer is transferred to the appropriate agent. This allows your call center to customize the experience and ensure that customers are not needlessly repeating themselves.

Customer B felt like the agent she spoke with wasn't knowledgeable about the company or its policies.

Cloud-based contact center solutions offer call recording, which can be used for evaluation and training purposes. You can keep call center agents informed of any company updates, promotions, or pertinent information by allowing them to listen to previous calls.

Most cloud-based contact center software solutions offer other useful features for training your staff, such as Call Whisper. This features allows call center managers to listen in on conversations and coach new agents as they learn the company and its policies.

Customer C was transferred to three different people before he was able to speak to the right agent.

This is another issue that can be easily resolved with the IVR feature. By asking your customers the right questions within IVR, you can ensure that they are connected to the right person the first time.

Customer D was on hold for 30 minutes before she was able to speak to an agent.

For some call centers, customer wait times are unavoidable. However, you can use automated call distribution (ACD) to ensure that calls are being answered as quickly as possible. Cloud-based call center solutions offer a number of ACD options that can be tailored to your needs, including time-of-day routing, skill-based routing, geographic routing, and more.

Many virtual call center solutions also offer a feature called Queue Callback. Customers can choose whether they would like to wait on the line, or request a call back from the next available agent.

Designing Your Call Center for Customer Satisfaction

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