Make Your Business Appear Larger with a Cloud PBX

Small companies often feel pressure when competing with large, widespread businesses. Size doesn’t necessarily equate to better customer service or a better product but customers can sometimes feel more comfortable working with a larger company. However, small businesses can now have the appearance of one of their larger counterparts by using a Cloud PBX. In this article we’ll discuss what a Cloud PBX is, its features and how using a Cloud PBX phone system can give your company the "large corporation" feel it deserves.

Cloud PBX

A Cloud PBX is a business phone system that is hosted and managed in the Cloud by a VoIP service provider. With a Cloud PBX, a company can have a complete phone system with all the calling features they need without the investment of large and expensive equipment that comes with a traditional on-site PBX system. Cloud PBX systems aren’t just popular because of the money they'll save you, the fact that it’s hosted in the Cloud gives your business phone system a wide range of flexibility you wouldn’t experience other wise.

Make your business appear larger

Since it’s completely accessible in the Cloud, your phone system will have a number of features that wouldn’t ordinarily be possible. It’s these types of features that can give your company the appearance of a larger, more global business.

One feature in particular, Auto Attendant, is extremely useful in these scenarios. For smaller companies, this feature can emphasize your professionalism by featuring personalized greetings and recordings that your customers will hear. Another great thing about the Auto Attendant feature is that it allows customers to direct their calls to a specific department. Even if you’re a small 5-person company, the illusion of a large department can be created with this feature.

With a Cloud PBX, your phone system is completely accessible anywhere; all you need is an Internet connection. Because of this, you and your employees have geographical flexibility, which allows you to work from the office, home or even across the country without interruption. It’s features like this that can make your business appear larger because it allows your staff to travel and work freely without the fear of missed company calls.

Your Cloud phone system can also manage numerous virtual phone numbers for locations all over the world. This means your company can also appear to have local offices in many different countries by utilizing both local DID numbers and country specific Toll Free numbers. Customer love doing business with local companies and with a Cloud PBX managing your phone system, you can appear local.

It’s easy to see how a Cloud PBX phone system can do wonders for your small business. Not only does it give your company a variety of top calling features, it also gives your business the large global presence it deserves. If a Cloud PBX could be right for your business, talk to your VoIP provider about the options available to you.