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Mobile VoIP Applications: Using Them with Your VoIP Service

VoIP technology has revolutionized the way people around the world communicate with each other. Not only is it extremely cost effective, it is extremely flexible and versatile. One way that VoIP technology shows its versatility is through mobile applications. These applications allow you to access your VoIP service and send and receive calls right from your cell phone. However, sometimes our customers run into issues when utilizing these types of applications. To help make the process of using a mobile VoIP application easier and more enjoyable, we’ll explore the connection between these applications and your VoIP service so you can choose the application that will work best for you.

What is a mobile VoIP application?

A mobile VoIP application is a program that is downloaded on your cellphone that allows you to make calls with your VoIP service rather than over your cell phone provider’s service.

The relationship between mobile VoIP applications and your VoIP service

A lot of our customers utilize third-party mobile VoIP applications while using our VoIP service. This is great for our customers. While some providers like us tend to focus on the VoIP service itself, others put emphasis on these applications. That means that our customers have a large market of applications to choose from.

Because you’re working with two different providers, your VoIP provider and your mobile VoIP application provider, it’s important to recognize this when you run into quality issues. A lot of the time, quality issues on a mobile VoIP application stems from a low quality application rather than your particular VoIP service. That being said, if quality is a big concern, make sure you invest in a high quality mobile VoIP application.

Choosing the right mobile VoIP application for you

When you’re choosing a mobile VoIP application to use with your VoIP service, there are a number of factors you need to consider.

Cost is a big factor that you should keep in mind. Most applications are offered for a one time download price. Prices start at $0 and go up from there averaging $5 for higher end applications. Keep in mind, there may be additional costs associated with the application depending on the features you need for your calls. Like we mentioned above, free and cheap mobile VoIP applications may indicate sub-par service.

Some VoIP providers offer their own mobile VoIP applications while others may not. One thing to keep in mind is whether your provider offers an application that is right for you. Their application may be more expensive than others on the market and may offer capabilities and features that you don’t necessarily need. Do your research by looking up reviews and testing out applications before you commit to an application.