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New Feature: Queue Callback


AVOXI just released a new feature for Smart Queue, its virtual call center software solution: Queue Callback. This call queue management feature allows customers to avoid waiting on the busy line and receive a call back from the next available agent.

How does Queue Callback work?

If a customer calls your business and there are no available agents, Smart Queue automatically plays a pre-recorded “Queue Callback” message that offers the following options:

  • Remain on hold until an agent becomes available
  • Request a call back from the next available agent

You can also configure your Queue Callback settings to allow customers to take other actions, such as leaving a voicemail.

How Queue Callback Works

What are the benefits of Queue Callback?

By providing your customers with the option to remain on hold or request a call back, you decrease average hold times and increase customer satisfaction.

Additional benefits of Queue Callback include:

Increased Agent Call Management Efficiency

If a caller requests a call back, Smart Queue prompts the caller to enter their telephone number (with country code). Callers also have the option to leave a message.

The call routes to the next available agent, who hears the caller’s message before being connected to the caller. No searching through a CRM or voicemail records for your agents to get back in touch with your customers.

Also, manage agent traffic loads effectively by allowing agents to level their work loads by alleviating high traffic times and shifting responses to call backs during off peak hours.

Reduced Call Center Costs

To reach your Customer Support center, your customers dial your business’s toll free number. Every minute that a caller sits on hold costs your call center money, and those minutes add up quickly.

By providing your customers with the option to request a call back, you save money previously spent on wasted hold minutes.

Decreased Call Abandonment Rates

When your callers have the option to request a call back from the next available agent without losing their place in the queue, they are far less likely to hang up. Instead, they simply request a call back and wait for a call from the next available agent.

Implementing Queue Callback in Your Call Center

Ready to reap the benefits of Queue Callback in your call center? Contact your AVOXI Account Manager to find out how to get started.

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