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New Feature: Smart Queue Call Recording Delivery

In a contact center, recorded conversations between agents and callers are essential for a variety of reasons. But for most contact center managers, call recordings are important because they serve as "proof of claim" and support for maintaining compliance. And when it comes to compliance, it is not always enough to keep a few weeks, a month, or even a year of recordings on file. To fully protect your business, you need secure, long-term storage of call recordings.

The new Smart Queue Call Recording Delivery tool allows businesses to export call recordings to customer-selected off-site storage. There is no limit to the number of recordings you can export; just tell AVOXI which recordings you wish to archive, and we handle the rest.

How Does Call Recording Delivery Work?

To ensure reliable and secure delivery of call recordings, AVOXI uses Rsync transfer tools to send the files to the customer's storage site. The Rsync transfer process includes CRC checks for superior data quality, guaranteed backups, and advanced security measures that are essential for enterprise-level archival and storage solutions.

All call recordings delivered from Smart Queue retain their original file name, so you can search for calls on your remote server based on the caller ID (if available), the date and time of the call, and the call queue name.

Implementing Call Recording Delivery

The Smart Queue Call Recording Delivery feature is easy to implement. Customers simply provide the correct IP address for the remote location and the username and password for the remote server that supports Rsync. AVOXI engineers work with the customer to ensure that the remote server has sufficient capacity to handle the data transfer.

If issues with the Rsync process arise after the initial implementation and testing period, AVOXI engineers are also available for Fault Management and assistance with troubleshooting.

Call Recording Delivery Services from AVOXI

Have questions about the Smart Queue Call Recording Delivery tool? Contact an AVOXI VoIP Specialist to learn more.

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