Pretty Is as Pretty Does: User Interface

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The old idiom, “pretty is as pretty does,” can certainly be applied to a customer’s experience in navigating online interfaces for software and services. Flashy bells and whistles may look sophisticated, but the functionality may fail to deliver—not pretty at all. While having great back-end functions in a portal has the potential to empower you to manage an account, the headache of navigating to the appropriate areas and understanding how those areas work can be a challenge.

AVOXI Online Portal Update

AVOXI talked to its customers, gained insight on customer engagement with the Online Portal, and addressed key concerns to modify the navigation and functionality of the portal. AVOXI started working on improvements to the Online Portal to incorporate the feedback received.

Updated Navigation

Interface Navigation MenuFirst, you will notice a refreshed dashboard. The top navigation menu changed to reflect how customers typically move through the portal.

Once logged into the portal, you have an immediate view to areas accessed the most in actual usage: My Numbers, Account Profile, Payment Method, and Quick Activity Reports. Drill down into any of the fields to modify, edit, or see detailed information.

Access Numbers from the Admin Dashboard

The dashboard’s main feature area is the “My Numbers” section that shows all numbers associated with your account. Manage individual numbers by clicking on an individual row to drill into the details and setup of that number. You can also perform functions such as selecting multiple numbers to make bulk updates to your numbers at one time. And, it’s easy to download and export a CSV file with information about your numbers.

User Interface Dashboard


Account Profile and Payment Method Tabs

Need to make quick changes to your account profile or payment settings? Now, you can do so from the Admin Dashboard.

The “Payment Method” tab allows you to make a payment or add a payment method quickly and easily, especially when you access the AVOXI Portal from a mobile device. In the “Account Profile” tab, you can easily edit your password and your profile.

Quick Activity Reports

Need at-a-glance information regarding call volume and traffic trends? The “Quick Activity Reports” provides a snapshot view of your Rolling Daily Traffic (7 days rolling) and the monthly view of inbound versus outbound calls.

Keep watch! More is coming as AVOXI continues to update the Online Portal to not only meet customer expectations, but to exceed those expectations.