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Pricing for International Toll Free Numbers in South America

toll free numbers pricing for South America

Shopping for international numbers presents quite a challenge. Not only do numerous providers offer these services, but also the service plans vary. Along with the varied service plans come different pricing structures that your company will need to navigate before deciding which best fits your needs.

International numbers in South America are no different. Conducting business in South America for more than 15 years, AVOXI continuously adds new carriers and expands coverage in the region. In this article, we take a look at the costs of phone services in region. And, we review specific pricing plans for international toll free numbers in South America to help you determine what works for your business.

International Toll Free Numbers: Pricing per Minute Plans

Some providers offer their International numbers for countries in South America for a monthly cost then charge per minute for usage. Key points to keep in mind are:

  • Typically, the monthly fee is around $20 depending on the provider you select.
  • With most VoIP providers that offer virtual numbers like international numbers, you also have access to a suite of calling features such as call recording and call divert (forwarding).
  • Hosted calling features are more and more essential to conduct business efficiently and seamlessly with your customers and prospects.
  • Traditional wireline providers may or may not offer additional phone features in their plans or charge by feature.
  • The per minute costs vary based on the country where the calls originate and the country where the calls terminate—the calls dialed from one country answered in another country.
  • Generally, the minute charges are no higher than a few cents per minute.

InternationalTollFree is an exaInternationalTollFree pricingmple of a company that offers per minute pricing for numbers in South America. Using Argentina as an example, the plan for an international toll free number is just over $13 USD (current exchange rate), approximately $13 USD monthly, and $.40 per minute for usage.

As stated in InternationalTollFree’s FAQs, this provider does not use VoIP services to provision its international toll free numbers.

Unlimited Monthly Plans

Another service option for a toll free number is using a provider that offers international number service with unlimited usage. Unlimited plans generally state a fair use policy to prevent fraud and abuse of service. Those fair use minutes vary by provider. So why select an unlimited plan?

  • Call volume is the primary reason. If your company has high call volume per agent, the cost of unlimited minutes typically offers a great deal on usage.
  • Another bonus is that your monthly budget for usage is consistent without the variance of per minute plans.
  • When comparing providers that offer unlimited plans, it is important to review each fair use policy and per minute overage rates to determine your best value.

Plan cost is also contingent on what capabilities and features you get along with your number. Many cloud-based providers offer select phone features as part of the package; however, other providers charge for “add-on” services.

Vonage Business pricingIn our review of provider services available in South America for intracountry or international use within and between South American countries, we did not identify any with an unlimited plan for toll free numbers. However, businesses like Vonage Business offer unlimited calling to the US and Canada for as little as $39.99 per month per user license.

Bundled Minute Plans

Bundled Plans are a popular service plan that combines minutes and offers them in different volume tiers. You purchase the plan based on how much usage you expect from number.

  • Bundled minute plans offer a range of minutes for a fixed month fee.
  • For a high volume minute user, plans are available for $140 a month for 1,000 calling minutes.
  • If you expect low usage with your South America international toll free number, pricing for 80 bundled minutes averages around $30 a month.

TollFreeForwarding.com pricingFor instance, TollFreeForwarding.com offers an Argentina toll free number with bundled minutes at different tiers averaging those prices.

It’s important to review the details about coverage and restrictions when selecting your plan. Incurring additional charges for additional services or for mobile or payphone accessibility can occur unexpectedly.

Selecting a Provider

Between the large number of providers in South American countries and the variety of service plans available, it can be difficult to navigate the market. AVOXI offers general guidelines in its eBook, Your Complete Guide to International Toll Free Numbers. The guide walks you through key decision points when selecting what meets your business requirements.

AVOXI International Toll Free Number Services in South America

AVOXI keeps pricing in South America simple. We offer competitive per minute rates for all countries in the region. Additionally, there are options for bundled solutions directly from our shopping cart.

AVOXI shopping cart exampleSome of our clients prefer the ease of budgeting with bundled services. We also offer a monthly fee per number combined with a per minute rate for mobile and landline services. The per minute rate is a great option for customers who only want to pay for what they use.

AVOXI also offers unlimited services to the US and Canada. Unlimited services offer one low monthly rate for all normal business use. The unlimited packages are available by forwarding to a local US or Canada number from your South American service.

By connecting with local service providers, AVOXI now offers expanded service throughout South America with new discounted pricing.

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