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Troubleshooting Problems Setting Up Your Local Number

As more and more companies continue to expand their reach around the globe, local phone numbers have become an essential piece of a successful business’s toolset.   These numbers are essential for establishing a local presence in a specific area.  And because they are formatted like every other phone number in a specific location, they’re easy for customers to recognize.

Despite the usefulness of these numbers, some businesses may experience problems setting up a local number, especially if they’ve never done it before.  While these issues are usually easy to fix, it’s important to use the tips below to address the problems immediately.

Your customers can’t call your number

Local numbers are popular because they’re specific to a certain area and thus, help give your business a local identity.  But if you find that your customers aren’t able to call your number, you need to make sure you address this issue quickly.

It’s possible that your customer is calling from an outside area where service to your number is unavailable.  If this is the case, you may need to invest in another local number in that location.  But, if they’re inside your service area and still experiencing issues, talk to your provider and make sure your system is set up to receive calls correctly.

Incoming calls aren’t ringing to the correct phone

If you find that incoming calls to your local number aren’t ringing to the correct number or device, you’ll want to check your call routing settings. These settings dictate where your incoming calls will ring.

If all of your settings are accurate and you’re still experiencing this problem, contact your provider to see if there’s another factor that may be impacting how your calls are being routed.

Customers are having issues dialing the number

Local numbers are formatted to look like phone numbers that your customers would be used to seeing in their specific area.  However, some numbers require customers to input extra area codes or country codes.  This can make it more difficult for some customers to reach you.

It’s important to educate your customers on how to dial your phone number if it’s a tricky one to call.  If you notice that customers are consistently misdialing your number, you may want to publish specific instructions or resources for reaching you on your company’s website.

As you can see, most problems setting up your local number can be easily alleviated.  To avoid these issues, make sure that you’re following all the installation directions provided by your provider, including call routing settings.  If you’re still experiencing problems with your local number that aren’t addressed here, you may want to contact your provider.