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Problems with Free Call Center Software


Price plays a major role in any business decision. So, when an option like call center software is advertised as free, it may seem like it’s the best choice. But products that are marketed as "free" often come with hidden costs. Plus, free options don't always have the functionality needed to help a business run efficiently.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the potential problems with free call center software so you can make sure you’re selecting the service that’s the best for your business.

Free doesn’t always mean free

When you see a free virtual call center software option, don't get too excited. After all, almost nothing is ever completely free.

With the free call center software choices out there, it’s important to truly dive into the functionality included with the service. Most providers will still expect you to pay for your minute usage on the system, and may charge extra fees for additional features and functionality.

Figure out what you truly need out of a system before you automatically choose the free option because it may be an even better decision and cheaper to select another service.

Features may be lacking

With a free service, you aren’t guaranteed the top features that have become a staple for businesses in all industries. Key call center features like call recording or call forwarding may be provided, but only available for an added cost. But, some providers may not offer these features at all. If you know that your business needs certain features, make sure you choose a provider that offers the functionality you require.

Customer service could be limited

Free call center software sounds like a great option until you experience an issue. Many free Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are available to download online; but, that doesn't mean that you'll have access to a live person to help with troubleshooting.

When you’re choosing something as important as a business phone system or call center software, you want to make sure that you’ll have help if you experience an issue. Because of this, you need to choose a provider that can work with you to solve any problems you may encounter.

It may be hard to manage your system

Your business phone service is an essential part of your company. Your phone system connects you with your customers and opens the door to new business. That’s why it’s essential that your system offers management tools. With a free service, tools like historical and live call reporting and call scoring may not be available. Without management features like this, you may not be able to run your company as effectively as you’d like.

Employee management could be difficult

On the other hand, you also want to be able to manage the performance of your employees on your phone system, too. Free call center software may not offer the tools you need to manage your employees, such as live call monitoring or quality assurance tracking. If you need to keep an eye on schedule adherence or make sure your employees are staying on script, make sure the software you choose allows you to do this.

While there may be financial advantages to utilizing a free call center software, it is important to take all of the factors listed above into consideration before you make a decision. As you search for the right virtual call center software solution for your business, make sure that the solution you choose, free or not, adds value to your business.

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