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Troubleshooting Problems with Geographical Call Routing

One of the most popular VoIP business phone system features is geographical call routing.  This advanced call distribution feature helps businesses manage incoming calls from customers around the world by correctly routing their call to an agent that can assist them or an employee that is currently available.

But despite its perks, users can run into problems with geographical routing. While these problems are usually easy to isolate and identify, it’s important to know how to address them quickly so that they don’t impact your business or your customers.

Below are some of the most common problems with geographical call routing and tips on how to troubleshoot them.

Receiving calls from an unserviced area

One of the advantages of geographical call routing is its ability to block calls from unserviced areas.  For example, if you’re a gambling company, you can block incoming calls from locations where this practice isn’t legal.  So if you find that you’re receiving calls from a blocked location, you’ll need to check your settings.  Make sure you’ve set everything up correctly on your end.  This may be a toggled setting you can manage.  If not, check in with your provider to see if there are settings on their end that must be enabled.

Incoming calls aren’t routing correctly

Geographical routing is only useful when your incoming calls are routed correctly based on the rules you’ve set.  If your incoming calls aren’t routing correctly, it’s essential to identify the problem.  Check your database of phone numbers and area codes to ensure that the incoming phone numbers are being identified correctly and thus, are going to be routed correctly.

If everything is configured correctly and you’re still seeing calls routed to the wrong location, the problem could be that you’re receiving calls from a new area code that hasn’t already been programmed into your system.  If you can’t find the geo-routing settings on your end, contact your provider for assistance.

You can’t handle the influx of calls

Geographical call routing is an essential for managing your incoming calls and thus, managing your employees.  But if you find that you’re having a hard time managing the influx of calls your business receives, you’ll need to investigate that.

You may need to invest in more agents to help manage your call volume.  It’s important that customers are connected with a person quickly in order to keep their satisfaction ratings high.

You may also need to research which area most of your incoming calls are coming from.  If your calls are heavily from one area, you may need to dedicate more employees to that specific area.

As you can see, problems with geographical routing can be easily solved (and even prevented) by working with your provider and by effectively managing your system’s settings. If you’re experiencing any of these issues with geo-routing, make sure you take care of it quickly before it impacts your business’s efficiency.

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