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Problems with Local Numbers

Although there can be problems with local numbers, for most businesses, local numbers continue to be an essential tool for marketing, sales, and support.  Not only is a local number incredibly efficient for the business that owns it, a local number is convenient for customers trying to contact the local business.

Despite their popularity, you, as the business owner, can sometimes experience problems with local numbers.  Whether you experience one of these issues while you’re shopping for your new number or you’re experiencing a problem while using it, it’s important that you address the concern before it impacts your business.  In this article we’ll touch on three problems with local numbers and how you can alleviate these problems.

Your Business Can’t Purchase a Local Number

Local numbers are incredibly useful.  However, not every business is able to secure one.  Local numbers sometimes come with a variety of restrictions that are mandatory for their owners to follow. For instance, a business may be required to have a physical address in the location of the local number in order to get it.  These rules typically stem from governmental regulations overseeing who has access to numbers within their country.

If you find that you’re not able to secure a local number due to these restrictions, consider a Toll Free number.  These numbers come with the same convenience of a local number without the added regulations.

You Need a Cheaper Option For Your Customers

Local phone numbers can be called by your customers within the specific location that corresponds to your number. Local phone numbers work just like any other local number in that area and because local numbers cost no more than a local call.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for your customers, a toll free number may be a better option in this scenario too.  Toll free numbers are formatted in a specific way that show that they’re free to call and because of that, customers will be more inclined to contact your business because they know they won’t be charged for the call.

You Need to Reach More Customers

If you’re new to the world of virtual numbers, you’ll soon learn that there isn’t a “one phone number fits all” solution.  No one phone number will work everywhere around the world. Because of this, businesses often have to invest in numerous types of phone numbers to reach all their customers.  So if you have a local phone number and find that you need to expand your market, consider purchasing more numbers.

You have plenty of options when you need to buy a new phone number.  Consider your needs before you decide to purchase one. Your first option is to purchase more local phone numbers but you can also decide to invest in a toll free or UIFN number depending on your requirements.

As you can see, problems with local numbers are easily alleviated by understanding what your business truly needs and by utilizing all your VoIP options.  The benefits of these types of numbers are vast and businesses in need of an efficient and convenient communication system should consider adding a local phone number to their arsenal.