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Simple Ways to Integrate Mobile Phones into Your Cloud System

With more and more companies taking advantage of Cloud Computing, we’re often asked how mobile phones can be tied into this system. Well they’re in luck; mobile phones are highly adaptable to a Cloud-based business model. Whether your company is taking advantage of a Cloud PBX phone system, a Cloud-based call center or you’re simply saving documents on the Cloud, there are ways you can effectively incorporate your mobile phone into your everyday processes.

Cloud PBX phone system

The most popular way that businesses utilize their mobile phones in a Cloud PBX environment is with a mobile softphone. A lot of Cloud PBX providers offer their own application that ties directly in with their system. However, you can also take advantage of other provider-free softphone applications and simply hook your specific VoIP phone up to it. This is incredibly useful for employees that work remotely or frequently travel because it allows them to send and receive calls on their business line.

Cloud-based call center

If your call center is using a Cloud-based or virtual solution, you can also take advantage of mobile technology. It’s popular for Cloud-based call center software providers to offer applications that work with their service. For example, there are mobile apps for call center managers that allow them to monitor their agents. From the application, a call center manager can listen in on calls, access call recording and check their reporting just like they’d be able to on their computer. This gives managers the ability to keep an eye on their agents from almost anywhere.

Mobile cloud computing

Another popular way that businesses take advantage of Cloud Computing is by saving and accessing data over the Cloud. Google, for example, uses Google Drive as a place to create and save documents. They offer a mobile application that allows users to access these documents on their mobile phone. For traveling employees, this application is incredibly handy. But Google isn’t the only Cloud application on the market. Check with your provider to see if their service is compatible on mobile phones, too.

Is your company using mobile technology? If so, consider incorporating it into your Cloud-based business. This technology, with it’s extreme flexibility and mobility, is here to stay. So, what are you waiting for?