Skywise: Most Progressive Airline in Africa

Although Skywise is a newcomer to the market, the airline’s unique approach to service and air travel has already set it apart from its direct competitors in South Africa, including FlySafair, Mango, and

In this review, we’ll explore how Skywise has become a major player in the competitive field of low cost carriers with progressive offerings like unlimited flying packages and more.

Company Background

Skywise, an independently owned South African domestic low cost airline, was founded in March 2013 by Rodney James, the former Chief Executive Officer of 1time.  Its primary mission is to provide its customers with low airfares with the best value.

Currently, Skywise offers flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town.  As the company grows, it plans to offer more flights to more destinations, carrying upwards of 36,000 passengers each month.

What Makes Skywise Different?

Although its competitors currently offer flights to more destinations, Skywise has a leg up on the competition when it comes to pricing and service.  (Especially when you consider the fact that this innovative airline took to the skies in March 2015.)

Complimentary Insurance

Skywise has made a point of putting its customers’ needs first by offering complimentary money back insurance on every ticket – no matter what.  In the event that a flight is cancelled due to reasons outside of the traveler’s control, Skywise offers reimbursement up to R2500 – no questions asked.

This bold statement not only provides customers with peace of mind, but also stands as a testament to Skywise’s confidence in the services that they offer.

Unlimited Flying

Skywise’s Unlimited Flying plan takes travel to a whole new level.  For R7999 per month, passengers can purchase a 31 day pass and fly as much as they like during that time.

The Unlimited package follows a month to month subscription model, so there are no contracts or commitments.  And with this all-inclusive package, passengers can check their baggage (up to 25 kg) for free, take advantage of priority check-in facilities, and get access to a dedicated personal travel manager.

And considering that it takes 12 – 13 hours to make the trek from Cape Town to Johannesburg by car, and up to 24 hours to travel by train, Skywise’s Unlimited Package is the perfect solution for those who make the trip frequently.

And truthfully, it’s surprising that other domestic airlines have not subscribed to this innovative, subscription-based model.  Although some low cost carriers, like, offer special bundles for hotel and flight combinations, Skywise seems to have a running start when it comes to appealing to frequent flyers.

AVIS Budget Car Rental Partnership

Even after its customers leave the airport, Skywise is still there to help.  Thanks to their partnership with AVIS Budget Car Rental, passengers can book in-town transportation at a discounted rate. (However, it is important to note that you must book your car and flight through the Skywise website in order to get this special deal.)

The Red Carpet Treatment

Many airlines promise to roll out the figurative red carpet for their VIP passengers, but Skywise takes this metaphor seriously.  Every check-in station (not just the priority booking or VIP ones) has a real red carpet, which serves as a bold reminder of Skywise’s commitment to impeccable service.


Although Skywise is new to the South African low cost carrier market, its innovative approach to service and air travel definitely warrants the title of Most Progressive Airline in Africa.  And while Skywise’s Unlimited Flying package alone is enough to put it on the map, the addition of their steadfast commitment to service (as evidenced by their complimentary money back guarantee) makes it clear that Skywise is here to stay in a big way.