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Pretty Is as Pretty Does

The old idiom, “pretty is as pretty does,” can certainly be applied to a customer’s experience in navigating online interfaces for software and services. Flashy bells and whistles may look sophisticated, but the functionality may fail to deliver—not pretty at all. While having great back-end functions in a portal has the potential to empower you…

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2017 Call Center Trends: What Our Customers Have to Say

We recently published a blog, Top 5 Call Center Trends to Watch in 2017, exploring upcoming trends we expect for call centers in 2017. Most of these trends were predicted in part due to the growing capabilities of Cloud technology and the desire for instant gratification for both customers and employees. We recently interviewed a few of our call center…

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How to Improve Customer Experience During a System Outage

Today’s businesses are supported by a wide variety of technology systems, many of which are directly tied to customer needs. When any of those supporting systems breaks down or malfunctions, both the business and its customers suffer. Recent examples include two major airlines that each suffered a major system outage earlier this month, resulting in delayed…

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Improve Customer Experience with Virtual Call Center Solutions

Whether your call center is focused on driving sales or responding to customer inquiries, your goal is the same: to create a positive, helpful experience that will result in customer acquisition and retention. When your customers have consistently positive interactions with your call center agents, and you know that they’ll stay with your business, everyone…

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