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Top 10 Reasons to Move Your Call Center Back to the US

In the past, a popular trend for call centers was to migrate overseas. Influencers like cheap labor persuaded many companies to move their entire call center operation out of the United States. Now there’s a new shift impacting this industry and, for a number of reasons, call centers are beginning to move back. In this article we’ll explore this new trend by discussing the top 10 reasons to move your call center back to the US.

1. Overseas costs are rising

In recent years, employers have experienced an increase in overseas labor costs. With these costs rising, many employers are reversing their decision and bringing their call centers home to the United States.

2. Customers are demanding better support

The cost of dissatisfied and confused customers is huge to a company. Now, more than ever, customers are looking for quick and immediate answers to their questions and thus, call centers need to pick up the slack. US based call centers tend to hire more highly educated agents and thus, can help give your customers top-of-the-line service.

3. Changes in technology

Modern VoIP technology is making the cost of running a call center extremely cost effective. Because of this, call centers don’t necessarily need the added expensive of a brick and mortar call center. With virtual call center software, you can run a call center virtually in the United States for a fraction of the cost.

4. First call resolution

Great customer service is essential in a call center. This means companies are working extremely hard to resolve issues and complaints faster than ever before. With a more educated workforce that you could have in the US, your agents can strive for first call resolution rather an escalating and documenting their concerns.

5. Control every aspect of your company

When your call center is located in another country, it can be hard to manage the day-to-day and overall vision for it. When your call center is more easily accessible in the United States, you can truly have a hand in the running of this important extension of your company.

6. The culture of your customer base

If your customers are primarily located in the United States, a US based call center could be an important move for you. Agents who understand the culture of your customers can help solve their issues more efficiently. Without a language barrier, agents are proven to address a customer’s concerns much more effectively.

7. Government regulations

Many pieces of legislation and laws have been introduced that limit the actions of overseas call centers. With a call center located in the United States, you won’t experience these restrictions.

8. Security and privacy

Some countries don’t have the strict privacy and security laws that protect businesses inside the United States. Important measures such as background checks and security practices may not be standard in certain countries. This is important to consider if your call center is currently located overseas.

9. Better brand recognition

When you’re operating your call center with highly trained and educated employees, you’re less likely to have customer complaints and issues. This leads to a happy and engaged customer base. When your customers are happy, your brand recognition and reputation will grow.

10. Naturally expand and manage your call center

Having a call center half a world away from your company is bound to cause some disconnect. Moving your call center back to the United States helps cement your call center as a unified extension of your company.