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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Business Phone Application

Top 5 Things to Look for in a Mobile Business Phone Application Banner

By bringing all the features of your office phone system to your mobile device, today’s business VoIP providers make it easier than ever for your business to tap into the global market. But, no single mobile business phone application is created equally. And, many VoIP providers still struggle to meet the needs of a mobile workforce.

Before you settle on a VoIP provider or a mobile phone app for your business, ask yourself these key questions:

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1. Does the mobile business phone app work on multiple browsers and across all platforms?

VoIP communication solutions have been one of the most rapidly evolving technology services in the world for over twenty years. So by now, it’s fair to say that you should expect the interface of your hosted solution to be easy to navigate, regardless of what device you are using it from.

If you frequently work and communicate from a mobile device, you know that nothing is more frustrating than a virtual office platform that requires you to use an online portal or interface that isn’t truly responsive. Ideally you need a platform that either has a mobile responsive interface (an interface that automatically adjusts its design to maximize space on your screen), a separate mobile app with a softphone, or both.

2. Does the mobile phone app have the same features that the desktop version offers?

Simplicity is key if you want employees working from their mobile device to be efficient. However, that is not a reason for your VoIP provider to give you a bare-bones solution for your remote workers. The best mobile business phone applications offer all the same features that are available on the desktop version of the interface within the mobile app.

3. Does the mobile app allow me to make changes to my system quickly and easily?

It is important for a hosted solution’s mobile interface to be clean and simple so that it is easy to navigate on the go. But, many VoIP providers that do offer a mobile friendly solution include nothing more than a soft phone application that can make and receive VoIP calls.

The best providers include a variety of other important features with their mobile platform, including the ability to quickly and easily update IVR/Virtual Attendant and call forwarding settings, listen to voicemail, view key metric reports and listen to call recordings.

On top of those standard functions, it is useful for supervisors to be able to make payments, add agents and expand their services—all from their mobile devices.

4. Can I easily access customer support from the mobile app?

Very few VoIP providers offer “mobile support suite,” but sooner or later you are going to wish they did. Inevitably, every business needs help resolving issues, and a built-in support suite allows mobile users to automatically access troubleshooting information, view frequently asked questions, or open a ticket with support in a matter of seconds. Some premium solutions, such as AVOXI Core, even allow mobile to users to live chat from within their interface with a customer support representative. Advanced support features like these will assure you get those occasional issues resolved quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are.

5. Does the app require a lot of bandwidth or memory to run effectively on my phone?

“Convenience” and “ease of use” are two terms that go hand-in-hand when discussing mobile apps. The implication—which often remains unspoken—is that the speed of a mobile business phone app makes it convenient and easy to use.

As an end-user, you should not have to wait an eternity for the app to load—and you shouldn’t have to use a ton of data to use it. That’s why it is so important for any business phone app you use to be truly mobile responsive.

A mobile responsive solution means that your user interface adjusts its design when being accessed from a mobile device so that can be navigated efficiently from a phone, rather than just shrinking your desktop application to fit on a smaller screen. This variable is particularly important when trying to keep your data usage under control.

Choose the Right Mobile Business Phone Application

Still not sure how to choose the right mobile business phone application for your business? Talk to an AVOXI VoIP specialist today to learn more.

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