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Top Trends in User Interface Designs and Functions

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Driven by the ever-growing capabilities of technology and fast-moving design and development, trends in user interface and function are constantly changing. User interface design needs vary based on your company’s industry and specific customer service needs. To stay relevant, the functions and features you choose to use and display on your site and interface can play an important role in your company’s overall success.

In this article, we’ll provide key insights on the top design and function trends. Whether you are a prospective customer, or a business trying to decide if you should implement these design elements into your interface, these trends will help you make the best decision.

Natural Interaction with Your Customers

Customer service is key for businesses in any industry. And service should be at the forefront when making decisions on design and function. Customers seek a natural experience with a company—interacting with a “real” person. Their interaction within your user interface should provide an experience of having a real-time, natural conversation.

Chatbots are one means of providing the listen and response of a natural conversation and can help you communicate with your customers in real time. And when needed, self-help tools within the interface allow customers to address their questions or issues through a search function.

user interface design chatbot


Keep It User Friendly

Whether language or device, ensuring your portal or user interface serves the needs of your customers goes a long way to gaining and retaining those customers. Keep it simple to allow your customer to use your portal with ease. A flat, minimalist design without overwhelming text or clutter provides easy interaction. This applies to every aspect of the user interface, from logos, branding, and buttons to the actual functionality of the portal.

user interface flat design

People Want to Customize

One popular trend is customizability. Customers want the ability to customize or control their portal experience. Whether it is to turn features off and on, or add additional functions, customers appreciate the ability to control their experience.

You can also take a hint from the frequent actions of your customers. If a majority of your customers pay their bills online using your portal, make it easy to get to that screen by having it displayed in a viewable area on your home page or dashboard.

The needs of your customers influence the trends for user interface design and function. Offering a system that’s easy to navigate, customizable to specific needs, and helpful in assisting users through issues, is not only a benefit to your customers, it’s a benefit to your company.