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Unlimited SIP Trunking for Hotels

Despite the endless advances in the telecommunications industry, telephones are still a critical element of running a successful hotel.

From a guest services perspective, you want to be able to provide your guests with high quality phone services at an affordable rate.  And from a hotel management perspective, you need a secure, cost-effective way to handle calls to and from your reservation center, concierge, and more.

With the overwhelming number of providers and solutions available today, choosing the right communications solution for your hotel can seem like an impossible task.

But, it doesn’t have to be!

With SIP trunking, you can drastically cut your hotel communications costs and use your existing phone system.  And with little to no hardware required on site, your team won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance or upgrades.

What can SIP trunking do for my hotel?

SIP trunking significantly reduces the costs and fees associated with traditional phone lines from the PSTN (public switched telephone network).  Your hotel will simply pay a flat monthly rate per SIP channel plus modest charges for minutes used.

With drastically lower long distance rates and international toll free numbers in over one hundred countries around the world, AVOXI can help your hotel take advantage of these savings.  For example, a resort in the Caribbean could provide its guests with free or discounted calling to the US and Canada.

Some hotels even choose to offer their guests bundled communications packages, which include a set number of long distance minutes along with unlimited wi-fi access.  By doing so, they are able to monetize their existing phone systems and provide guests with yet another 5 star commodity.

How does SIP trunking work?

SIP trunking is a simple, cost-effective solution that allows hotels to connect their existing phone systems to the Internet and slash their long distance calling costs.

SIP Trunking with an IP-enabled PBX

If your existing PBX is already IP-enabled, then you don’t need any hardware to deploy a SIP trunk.  You’ll simply provide AVOXI with an IP address, and we’ll connect your PBX to our server. This allows you to route your calls over the Internet at significantly lower rates than the phone company can provide.

SIP Trunking with a Legacy PBX

If your hotel uses a legacy PBX that is not connected to the Internet, don’t worry – you’re not alone, and there’s a solution.  Our team will simply install a VoIP gateway, or an Integrated Access Device (IAD), on your hotel premises.  This piece of equipment, which is about the size of a standard laptop, is placed directly between your router and your PBX.  It converts voice signals into data packets (and vice versa).

Once the IAD has been installed on your premises, you’re all set. An IAD requires no additional maintenance or upgrades.

How much does SIP trunking for hotels cost?

SIP trunking costs are dependent on a variety of factors, including any necessary equipment, setup costs, monthly fees, and the calling plan that you choose.

Below, we’ve provided two examples of what your potential SIP trunking costs might be based on these variables. As you can see in the tables below, we offer discounts for 60 month and 36 month contracts as well as a standard month-to-month payment model.

Monthly estimates per 100 rooms with unlimited calling. 

Airport Hotel
These average 10 SIP Channels/month/100 rooms, and seldom do more than 3000 minutes a month per SIP trunk.

Airport Hotel SIP Pricing

Non-Airport Hotel
These average 7 SIP channels/month/100 rooms, and seldom do more than 2000 minutes a month per SIP trunk.
Non-Airport Hotel SIP Pricing