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How to Use Time of Day Routing in a Call Center

Time of Day Routing is one of the most popular VoIP features on the market today. Not only do our enterprise and small business customers utilize this feature, our call center customers use it too. Depending on the type of business you are, you can use this feature in a variety of ways that will help make you more efficient and help increase your customer satisfaction rates. In this article we’ll specifically discuss how you can use Time of Day Routing in a call center.

Manage each office’s schedule

The main function of Time of Day Routing is its ability to transfer and route incoming calls based on the time of day that they’re received. In the case of multiple office locations, you can set your routing feature to ring different offices during specific times of the day.

This helps manage each office’s schedule because it allows you to control when each location receives incoming phone calls.

Manage your specific calls

As a call center manager, you never stop working. With Time of Day Routing, you can more easily manage your work load by forwarding your incoming calls to specific phones depending on what time it is.

For instance, say you work in the office from 8am-5pm. During these hours, you can have all your calls delivered to your work phone. After these hours, you can set the routing feature to deliver your calls to your personal cell phone. This gives you ultimate flexibility so you’ll never miss an important work call.

Connect your customers to an available agent

Time of Day Routing isn’t only useful for you and your agents. It also gives your customers a better customer service experience because it ensures that they’ll be connected to an available agent when they call.

This feature really comes into play when you have agents working around the clock in different time zones. Regardless of what time it is and where they call from, your customers will be connected to an agent that can assist them thanks to this essential call center feature.