Video: Voice Latency and its Importance in Asia VoIP Services

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This video session discusses voice latency, jitter, and AVOXI's new point of presence in Hong Kong. The session discusses why voice latency is an importance concern in points of presence (PoP)--specifically looking at Asia VoIP services.


Today we have some exciting news out of our network operations team. We’re announcing the expansion of our network, which will create a bigger footprint.

Currently, we have two points of presence; the first one is in the United States, the second one is in South Africa. What is a point of presence or a PoP? It is physical infrastructure that we have in a particular country.

Voice Latency

You may be asking why it matters. We understand that with VoIP you can be located anywhere in the world and connect; however, there are things called latency and jitter. Voice latency is the time it takes for your voice call to get from your customer to AVOXI and from AVOXI to you as our customer. On average, we want that time to be anywhere between 2-300 milliseconds. We can handle voice traffic all the way to 600 milliseconds without any problems. However, the higher that number and the further away you are from us, the more likely you are to have issues.


The next component of why this is important is jitter. An example of jitter is saying my first word and that taking 200 milliseconds to get to AVOXI and then to you. The next word comes through takes 300 milliseconds, and then the third word is back to 200 ms or goes down to 100 ms. Basically, that variance creates a wave type of environment where one word is getting to us quicker than the other, making the conversation out of order. The further away you are from us, the more likely you are to experience these types of issues.

Points of Presence (PoPs)

The issues mentioned are what we look at when we question whether or not we need to expand our network. A lot of you probably already use us out of Australia or Asia with no issues and that is fantastic. And you will continue to be supported through your current PoP as we do not expect for you to have any issues. However, if you have a scenario where you would like to connect your new office but you have concerns about the distance traveled to reach AVOXI in the United States, we have a solution to your concerns. We now have an Asia Pacific PoP located in Hong Kong that enables us to have better coverage around the world.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, that’s great; we have the 3 points of presence. I’ll hook up my new office and buy service from AVOXI out of that location, but I don’t want to manage another portal or another vendor invoice. Well, the good news is the Hong Kong PoP or point of presence actually works with your existing online interface and is represented on your current invoices. You, as our customer, will not feel the effects of it from a user perspective. However, where you will pick it up is on your quality. You will have increased quality, and you will be less likely to have issues if there is a blip in the Internet while the voice is going from your side to AVOXI. That will really help you out, because you as our customer will have a better experience.

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