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FreedomVoice Overview, Pricing, and Competitive Comparison

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Looking for a phone service that is the perfect fit for your small business? While we are confident in our company’s pricing, worldwide coverage, and overall quality, we understand that we might not be the best fit for everyone. We have made finding the perfect phone service provider easier for you by comparing top alternatives, such as FreedomVoice. In this article you will find:

  • A detailed review of FreedomVoice
  • FreedomVoice’s involvement in the community
  • Freddomvoice’s pricing plans
  • Pricing plan comparatives with the best competitive alternatives

This post was created to be as helpful as possible to our readers, even if they aren't ours! If after reading this review of FreedomVoice if you still don't find what you are looking for please let us know! We would be happy to update this article to make it as useful as possible to for our readers.

CloudNumber's Features Overview

FreedomVoice is going to give you all the basic functionality you expect from any provider - things like voicemail, faxing, the ability to make outbound calls, basic reporting, etc. They offer two levels of features, standard features which are included in all of the plans and the premium features which you can add to your plan at an extra cost!


FreedomVoice's CloudNumber offers three different plans for you to choose from that best fit your business or personal needs. These three plans include:

  • Start Plan
    • $9.95 per month/ 400 included minutes, $0.039 additional minute
  • Edge Plan
    • $19.95 per month/ 1200 included minutes, $0.039 additional minute
  • Max Plan
    • $29.95 per month/ unlimited minutes, $0.0 per additional minutes
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Top Alternatives for CloudNumber

Here are some of CloudNumber's top competitors and their pricing reviews.

FreedomVoice's Noble Causes

FreedomVoice is inspired by those who do good in the world. They use this inspiration to give back and support organizations that give back to people in need of a helping hand. These are some of the organization's that the company supports:

  • Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego which focuses on pediatric trauma care.
  • Catherine’s Kids mission “To transform the lives of the unprivileged or abandoned, medically fragile special needs children by providing a loving and nurturing home where their emotional, medical, educational, and spiritual needs are met, giving them an opportunity to live to their full potential.”
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation works to protect the privacy rights fighting against illegal surveillance and technologies that might violate our online privacy rights.
  • U-Touch (University Technology Outreach Community Hubs) creating solutions for those living in poor, isolated villages.
  • Community Resource Center is the only social service and domestic violence program in coastal north San Diego serving approximately 11,000 individuals, 4,000 of those being children.
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See More FreedomVoice Comparisons

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