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What is Geographical Routing?

For businesses with customers across a country, specific calling features are needed to make sure incoming calls are routed and answered correctly. One feature in particular, Geographical Routing, is especially helpful for those businesses. In this article, we’ll explain what Geographical Routing is and how it can be used to help improve your business model.

What is Geographical Routing?

Geographical Routing is a calling feature that allows calls to be routed to a specific location depending on the origin of an incoming call. This routing tool works using geographical positioning. This means that calls are routing depending on the city, state or area code of the incoming call.

For example, say you have one 1-800 number dedicated to incoming calls from your customers across the United States. Using geographical routing, you can route incoming calls to specific offices you have around the country. Regardless of the fact that you only have one phone number, these calls can be routed to numerous locations in the United States.

The Benefits

The major benefit to Geographical Routing is that your customers will be able to talk to local representatives from your company. Because their calls will be routed to your nearest location, they’re going to get the most accurate information for their particular situation.

Geographical call routing is also useful when it comes to time zones. Regardless of where your customers call from, you’ll have less missed calls due to time zones because you’ll be able to route them appropriately.

Another major benefit to call routing based on geography is the ability to keep track of where your customers are calling from. For starters, you’ll be able to avoid calls from locations where your products and services aren’t provided, such as gambling sites. But, you’ll also be able to see where a majority of your customers are calling from. This is helpful when creating and analyzing the demographics of your customers.

If you do business across a country, you should consider Geographical Routing. Not only will it be more convenient for your customers, it’ll allow your employees to give them a more personalized experience.