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What Makes a Great Call Center?

A great call center is guaranteed to make your customers and employees happy. So, how does your call center measure up?

Elements of a Great Call Center:

  1. Concentrates on its business goals
  2. Answers phone calls and e-emails quickly
  3. Resolves most, if not all, customer questions on the first contact
  4. Works efficiently
  5. Ensures that agents need to do little follow-up on the customer file after the customer has hung up
  6. Is respectful of the customers’ time
  7. Keeps everyone engaged and busy with a defined function, and with no one being overly used
  8. Is always improving the processes to make gains in service, efficiency, and revenue generation
  9. Enables the business to see the call center as a strategic partner to the rest of the organization
  10. Has high employee spirit or motivation
  11. Studies metrics and customer satisfaction as a service indicator and has high customer satisfaction scores.
  12. Provides significant revenue for the rest of the organization.
  13. Has an effective process for collecting and presenting data on performance.
  14. Makes sure its agents know where he or she stands monthly, daily, hourly, and even in real time.

Elements of a Poorly Run Call Center:

  1. Has long hold times for customers waiting to get through to the next available agent
  2. Deals with customer issues that frequently require multiple contacts before they’re solved
  3. Has agents running from crisis to crisis, putting out fires but never getting ahead
  4. Experiences low employee morale and high turnover
  5. Has complaints by C-Level and senior management about call center costs or sales and poor results
  6. Lacks understanding of metrics or performance
  7. Scores low on customer satisfaction or doesn’t bother to measure customer satisfaction at all
  8. Doesn’t improve working conditions to stay competitive or retain employees

A Great Call Center doesn’t happen by accident. In order to make sure your call center excels, you need to do the appropriate planning and research. AVOXI offers the top features and latest technology to help your call center run smoothly and effectively.