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What Size Call Center Should Consider a Cloud-Based Solution?

As Cloud technology expands, so does the popularity of cloud-based call centers. It makes sense; Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way business is done. But which call centers should take advantage of this new technology? In this article, we’ll explain what size call center should consider a cloud-based solution, the factors that play a part in that decision and what you should keep in mind when you’re deciding on a cloud-based software for your call center.

A quick refresher on cloud-based software

Cloud-based software works entirely over the Internet. This means that it gives call centers the option to operate completely remotely. Because of that, a physical call center location isn’t always necessary. This means that agents can be monitored using many features like reporting, live monitoring and call recording.

What size call center should consider a cloud-based solution?

Call center software is most useful and effective when you have the right amount of agents. If you have a traditional on-site call center with less than 5 people, it may not be in your best interest to invest in a cloud-based system. With a team of 5, you won’t really need a sophisticated system; you can easily monitor your agents and run your call center without it.

However, if you plan on running a virtual call center, you’ll need a cloud-based solution regardless of your number of agents. It’ll be necessary to effectively monitor your remote agents.

For call centers with 5+ agents, a cloud-based call center is a great option for you. The beauty of cloud-based software is that it manages most of your call center. It handles the calls, the reports and even your agents. For larger call centers, using a cloud-based software is perfect for creating an efficient workflow.

A variety of call center software

The size of your call center is important even after you’ve made the decision to utilize a cloud-based solution. Different providers offer many different types of software. This means that the functionality, compatibility and features vary greatly. You don’t want to pay features you won’t use. Because of this, it’s important to understand the needs of your call center.

As you can see, call centers of almost any size can benefit from a cloud-based solution. If you think yours could, talk to your provider about making the switch to a virtual call center.