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Who Can Call My Phone Number?

Here at AVOXI, we sell a variety of different numbers. From DID to Toll Free, we have numbers for almost every location in the world.

Because of this, our customers often wonder, “who can call my phone number?” It’s an important question to ask. Depending on the type of number you purchase, there are certain restrictions involved. We decided to write this article so we could help clear up any confusion. We’ll discuss the different types of numbers we offer here at AVOXI and tell you exactly who can call your number.

Who Can Call My Phone Number: Toll Free Numbers

A Toll Free number, also known internationally as a Free Phone number, is used so customers can call a business without being charged for the call. Instead, the business itself is charged for each call. These numbers are extremely popular because they provide a free and convenient way for customers to contact a business.

USA Toll Free Numbers
A USA Toll Free number is specific to the United States. That means that callers located specifically in the United States can call the number without being charged. US Toll Free numbers start with either 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844 followed by 7 digits.
ex: 1 800 XXX XXXX

International Toll Free Numbers
An International Toll Free number is like the US Toll Free number mentioned above but instead, it is country specific for other countries around the world. The numbers will look different depending on which country it is for.

The one thing to take away from Toll Free numbers is that they’re country specific. They only work in the country in which you bought them for. So if you’re interested in these numbers, make sure you get one for every country that your customers are located in.

Who Can Call My Phone Number: DID Numbers

A DID, also known as a DDI or local number, is a number that is specific to a certain city. These numbers are available for thousands of cities around the world. The advantage to a DID number is that it gives your business the appearance of a local office in your customers’ area. These numbers, although local, can be called from almost anywhere in the world. For local callers, they will be charged a standard local calling fee. For other customers, their fee will vary based on where they are calling from. For example, someone in the US calling a Paris, France DID will be charged an international calling fee.

Who Can Call My Phone Number: UIFN

A UIFN, or Universal International Freephone number, is similar to a Toll Free number in the sense that the caller isn’t charged for the call, the called party is. But unlike Toll Free numbers, a UIFN can work in multiple countries, not just one. About 40 countries around the world recognize and allow their residents to call these numbers. So if you have a UIFN number, anyone located in the participating countries can call it. These numbers are formatted the same way regardless of which country is dialing it. They start with 0800 followed by 7 digits.

The downside with UIFN numbers is that if your customers are located outside of the 40 participating countries, you’ll need other numbers that they can call.

Other Restrictions

Depending on which country you are purchasing a number for, you need to check with your carrier for other restrictions. For example, some numbers may not allow incoming calls from mobile phones.

When purchasing a phone number, it’s important to keep your customer in mind. After all, they’re the reason you need a number in the first place. Now that we’ve gone over the specifics of our phone numbers, you should have a better understanding of which and how many numbers you’ll need to accommodate all your customers and understand the answers to, “who can call my phone number?”

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