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Why Choose Open Source Call Center Software?


Whether you’re shopping for virtual call center software for the first time, or you’re thinking about leaving your current provider, there are a number of factors to consider. One important question to consider is whether the software you choose is open source or not.

What is open source software?

Before we dive in, let’s review: what is open source software?

Unlike proprietary software, like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word, open source software can be used, modified, or even enhanced by anyone. It’s not just about having access to the source code; open source software allows users to modify the program to their individual needs - which makes for a far more flexible solution.

So, why would you choose an open source call center software provider over a proprietary call center software provider? We explore the three top advantages of opting for a call center software solution based on open source code:

Integrate with other software applications

Your call center probably uses a variety of different software applications to help manage your productivity. With open source call center software, you can integrate everything from CRMs to chat features seamlessly. This means that you can continue using all of the applications that you know and love and take advantage of everything that a virtual call center solution has to offer.

Take advantage of innovative features and add-ons

Developers in the call center community are always working to build new additions and features to help contact centers run more efficiently. The nature of open source software allows many developers and innovators to have a hand in creating an ever-evolving product, and lets the best ideas rise to the surface more quickly.

Whether you want something newer, faster, or with additional capabilities, open source call center software allows you to take the latest and greatest features and implement them in your call center.

Create custom features specific to your call center

In general, proprietary call center solutions fit this common saying: “What you see is what you get.” These solutions come with a number of helpful features out of the box, but they don’t allow for much customization.

So, what happens when you need something built specifically for the unique needs of your call center?

By definition, open source software is customizable. So, if you need a feature that your open source call center provider doesn’t offer by default, they can almost certainly build it for you.

You don’t have to worry about hardware, coding, or even tech support; your open source call center software provider will take care of all that for you.

Choosing an Open Source Call Center Software Provider

As we all know, the call center technology industry is constantly changing. The next big thing is always in the works, so it can be difficult for call centers to stay up to date with the latest advances.

Open source call center software is a great way to keep your call center technology modern and relevant. Not only does it give you more flexibility with the functionality of your software, but it also allows you to fully customize the way you and your agents use it. An open source software solution that’s built around your specific needs helps your call center work as efficiently as possible.

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