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Local Phone Numbers – Why Your Business Needs One

We often talk about the benefits of International Toll Free numbers but is your company taking advantage of local numbers? Just like Toll Free numbers, local numbers have a number of advantages for not only your customers, but for your company too! In this article we’ll talk about local numbers and why your business needs one is and discuss the advantages behind these types of numbers.

What is a local number?

Local numbers, also called DID or DDI numbers, are phone numbers that work and are formatted just like a regular, local phone numbers. These types of numbers are available for purchase in thousands of cities across the world.

Why your business needs local phone numbers

There are two main advantages to purchasing a local phone number for your business.

The first is that it gives your company a local presence. For customers in the area of your local number, they’ll now have an easy way to contact your business. They won’t have to call a corporate number they don’t recognize. Instead, they’ll be dialing a local phone number that is familiar to them. The local presence from these numbers is also useful if you’re trying to increase customers in a specific location. The local number shows potential customers that their market is important to you and they may be more inclined to work with you because of it.

Local numbers also appeal greatly to customers. Customers prefer doing business with local companies. It gives them a sense that your company is close to home. With a local number, you become part of the community there and it will give you the opportunity to truly connect with your customers. With this number, your placement in phone books and online searches may increase and thus, customers looking for local companies may come across your company. Local numbers make it extremely easy to expand your company’s global reach.

Along with the two advantages listed above, local phone numbers also come with the features you’d come to know using International Toll Free numbers. Depending on your provider, features such as call forwarding, call recording and auto attendant can be included along with your calling package. Features like these will streamline your calls and allow for better customer service.

As you can see, local phone numbers can give you the local presence that your company needs and that your customers deserve. Whether on its own or paired with an International Toll Free number, local phone numbers will take your business to the next level.