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Why Your Call Center Needs Extended Call Recording



As a call center manager, how can you know if your newest sales script is working? How do you know how your customers are responding to your outbound customer service efforts? And how do you answer questions that arise about compliance with company practices?

The answer is simple: you listen to call recordings. Most call center software providers offer call recording as part of their feature set; but, how long are those recordings stored? And more importantly, how can you retrieve the exact call that you’re looking for?

With Extended Call Recording, you can store thousands of conversations between agents and callers for as long as you need, all in the safety of the cloud.

What is Extended Call Recording?

Fully integrated into Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual contact center software, Extended Call Recording is an affordable add-on feature that allows you to store a nearly limitless number of minutes of recordings based on the subscription you select. There is no expensive equipment to maintain, no specialized staffing required, no initial capital investment. Just choose your plan, and we handle the rest.

Why You'll Love It

AVOXI’s Extended Call Recording feature isn’t just a storage solution. Smart Queue’s powerful search functionality allows you to efficiently search for and retrieve recordings using multiple filters, including time, date, agent, call ID, and more.

Review Extended Call Recordings with Custom Reports

You can use these recordings to enhance training programs with real agent and caller interactions. Extended call recording is also beneficial for call centers that need to prove compliance with internal or third party standards.

Extended Call Recording Pricing and Options

AVOXI’s standard Extended Call Recording packages are priced on cumulative minutes used with the first tier starting at 100,000 minutes stored.

Looking for a custom recording solution, or need additional long-term storage options? We can help with that, too. Our Professional Services team works with you to provide the best call recording storage solution that fits your needs.

Contact an AVOXI solutions specialist today to learn more about what Extended Call Recording can do for your call center.