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Why Your Small Business Should Utilize Call Center Software

For a small business, streamlining is necessary. These businesses can sometimes lack the manpower of a larger competitor and thus, may find it harder to implement processes. VoIP has begun to transform this possible issue. Virtual call center software, in particular, is one essential tool that small businesses should be utilizing. In this article we’ll discuss how the features within virtual call center software can have a positive impact on your business and its ability to streamline processes.

What is a call center?

Call centers, themselves, are the usual customer of virtual call center software. They’re often making or receiving numerous calls throughout the day and typically focus on sales or customer service. Because of that, virtual call center software offers features that can help improve the customer experience such as call recording and an IVR/Auto Attendant.

But, any type of business can benefit from the features that make call centers run so smoothly.

Customer support

If your small business has a customer support team, there are many features on virtual call center software that can improve their workflow as well as each customer’s experience.

One important feature is Time of Day Routing. This feature routes your incoming calls depending on what time of day it is. You never want to miss a customer call and Time of Day Routing is here to help. You may have a small customer support team but you’ll always have someone responsible for answering calls regardless of when they reach out.

Happy customers are essential to a business. You don’t want to keep them on hold or frequently transfer them till you find someone that can address their concerns. The Skills Based Routing feature ensures that customers reach the correct employee the first time. It routes your customer calls to the right employee based on the issues they initially identify.


Small businesses focusing on sales can also benefit from virtual call center software. Every sale is important for a small business and these features will help improve the way your employees sell.

Call recording is a feature that records all calls that take place on your virtual call center system. A sales team in a small business can benefit from this feature because it allows them to go back and listen to past calls. Not only is this important because you can re-listen to important details of old calls, you can use it as a training tool for your sales team. You can review these calls with your team and find ways that they can improve.

Other features with virtual call center software allow you to listen in on live sales calls. Call Whisper and Live Monitoring allow you to sit in on a live sales call and even communicate with your sales employee during the call in case you find them struggling with the sale.

Office-wide communication

It’s useful for a small business to appear larger in order to compete in the marketplace. Virtual call center software helps achieve that appearance.

An IVR/Auto Attendant is especially useful for creating the appearance of a larger company. This feature can replace the need for a receptionist because it routes all your incoming calls based on the prompts that the caller chooses. An IVR/Auto Attendant can also inform callers of specific information such as store hours and other contact information.

Virtual call center software also comes with a full reporting system. These reports are essential for small business because they give you a first hand look into the success of your company. These reports can tell you anything from how long your employees are on the phone or how long the average hold time is for a customer.

It’s easy to see how the features within virtual call center software can positively impact a small business. This cost effective solution opens your business to endless possibilities and a well planned future.