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You’re a Call Center Whether You Know It or Not

 So you don’t consider your business a call center. Maybe you’re a hospital or a law firm or even a university. Regardless of what type of business you define yourself as, are you also a call center? A call center is defined as “an office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.” Does this definition apply to you?

A lot of companies, regardless of the industry, do a great deal of work over the phone. If that’s true for your company, you should consider using call center software to manage these calls. Call center software is built around the ability to effectively and efficiently send and receive calls.

A new definition

While call centers are the typical customer of call center software, many other companies are already taking advantage of its functionality. We use it here at AVOXI!

So it’s time to redefine. Depending on your business, here are a few scenarios in which different departments can thrive using call center software.

Call Center Software Benefits:

Your sales team

If you are a company heavily focused on sales, call center software could fit seamlessly into your processes and take your calls to the next level.

For starters, there is call recording. For a sales team, being able to listen to past calls is a great feature. It allows them to hear the call from the customer’s perspective and gives them the opportunity to improve their sale pitch. Our sales team listens to past calls weekly during their training sessions. We’ve found recorded calls to be an amazing training tool.

Two other features that are useful with sales are live monitoring and call whisper. The two go hand-in-hand. With these tools, a sales manager could listen in on a live sales call and give the sales person information, like pricing or current promos, without the customer hearing. This is useful for monitoring new employees or for listening for an important client’s call.

Your customer support team

Customer support teams can also take advantage of call center software. A lot of features from call center software are there for the convenience of the customer.

Time-of-day routing takes your incoming customer calls and directs them to an available employee depending on what time it is. This is especially useful when your employees take lunch breaks or are out sick for the day.

Skills-based routing is another incredibly useful feature. This feature directs a customer call to an agent whose skill set matches the one that the customer needs. This keeps your customers happy because they won’t be transferred several times until they reach the appropriate employee and it’ll make your employees happy because they’ll be able to focus on the customers they can actually assist.


With call center software, companies can also take advantage of an auto attendant/IVR. This will free up time from your receptionist who transfers all incoming calls. Instead, your customer will be able to easily get in touch with the correct employee depending on their needs specified by the auto attendant.

The reports that come with call center software are also incredibly useful for measuring your business’ success. You can find out how long your employees stay on the phone, which employee is taking the most customer calls and from there, you can schedule employees or hire more employees accordingly.

Every company needs unified communications and call center software offers that. Whether or not you identify as a call center, there are many features that can be effectively utilized in your office. So rethink the way your business works and consider taking advantage of call center software.