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Try the Top VoIP Solution for Enterprises Risk-Free

We built AVOXI Genius to be the enterprise VoIP phone software known for flexibility, reliability, scalability, and ease-of-use. Setting up your company's VoIP phone system is quick and easy, giving you the call management tools you need to improve your team's performance right away. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts, and you can try our virtual phone service for 30 days risk-free. Contact us today and find out why AVOXI is the top phone system for enterprises.

Highly Reliable, Amazingly Affordable Enterprise VoIP Phone Services

When we ask enterprise CEO's why they chose AVOXI as their VoIP phone system, some of the most common reasons we hear include:

  • You're covered by 24/7 live support from our in-house team of experts
  • There are no setup fees, cancellation costs, or minimum contracts
  • With plans between $4.49 - $24.99 per user, AVOXI is incredibly affordable
  • AVOXI's wholesale call rates put other call management solutions to shame
  • Earn up to $1,000 for every phone number you port to AVOXI's global network
  • Our dedicated team of developers adds new features to AVOXI Genius every month - Ask about our product roadmap to see what's coming next!
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Never Miss a Call with Advanced Call Routing

Advanced call routing makes call management for enterprises easier than ever:

  • Create unlimited IVR menus and call groups with custom ring rules
  • Route phone calls with time-of-day, round-robin, skills-based routing and more
  • Take calls from your desk phone, mobile device, or our WebRTC softphone
  • Instantly activate new VoIP phone numbers in 160+ countries worldwide
  • Receive and manage SMS and voicemail transcriptions via email
  • Easily edit users, IVR menus, and more system settings from anywhere

All the Cloud PBX Features and Analytics You Need to Improve Productivity Today

AVOXI Genius is the call management solution built for improving your company's communications and agent performances right away:

  • Create custom call disposition codes and track call outcomes over time
  • Listen to live calls with real-time monitoring or playback call recordings anytime
  • Rate agent interactions and provide actionable feedback with call scoring
  • Coach your agents in real-time with call whisper and call barge
  • Track performance and view analytics with hundreds of different reporting options
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Flexible VoIP Phone System Features for Better Communications

Call Queues

Set up unlimited call queues and customize your queue-based routing, ring rules, custom greetings and more.

Call Queueing ➜

Round-Robin Routing

Evenly distribute calls to your sales or support teams with round-robin routing, one of our several phone routing options.

Round-Robin Routing ➜

Time-of-Day Routing

Automatically distribute calls based on the hour, day, or holiday schedule with time-of-day routing features.

Time-of-Day Routing ➜

Global Voice Coverage

Instantly activate toll free and local VoIP phone numbers in 160+ countries and enjoy the most competitive rates worldwide.

Hosted IVR

Easily manage your IVR routing options and help your callers navigate to the best agent for their needs the first time.

Hosted IVR ➜

Call Recording

The AVOXI Genius User Interface makes it easy to store and manage your contact center's call recordings.

Call Recording ➜

Live Call Monitoring

Listen to your agent and customer interactions for training purposes and ensure quality standards are met.

Live Call Monitoring ➜

Call Barge / Whisper

Offer helpful advice to your agents during calls without alerting the customer with call whisper or take over with call barge.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatically route calls based on a variety of distribution rules so your callers reach the right agent the first time.

Automatic Call Distribution ➜

WebRTC Softphone

Enjoy superior quality voice when you upgrade your existing hard phones to the AVOXI Genius WebRTC softphone.

VoIP Softphone ➜

Skills-Based Routing

Segment your agents based on a range of attributes and connect your callers to the best agent for their needs every time.

Skills-Based Routing ➜

Call Dispositions

Track the outcomes of your calls and maintain customer information with summary notes and call disposition ratings. 

Reviews from Our Customers

What Does Enterprise VoIP Cost?

With plans ranging from $4.99 - $24.99 per user, AVOXI Genius is easily one of the most affordable hosted VoIP phone system for enterprises. Note that features like IVR, call routing, call recording, and many more are included with any VoIP phone number and do not require the purchase of call management software for enterprises. Contact AVOXI today to request custom pricing options. 

Schedule Your Free Trial

Schedule your free trial or get a free demo. An AVOXI expert will help you set up your enterprise VoIP phone system and demonstrate how to start using your call management features.


Start With a Phone Number

Get a virtual phone number online and start managing your calls right away. Features like IVR, call forwarding, call recording and more do not require you to purchase phone system seats.


Talk to an Expert

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Why Global Enterprises Choose AVOXI

There's a reason that thousands of companies worldwide trust AVOXI as their call management solution. No matter where you need service, our direct interconnects with Tier 1 carriers worldwide allow AVOXI to deliver enterprise-grade call quality at the most affordable rates worldwide. No matter where you do business, you can expect the most effective, affordable virtual phone solutions for enterprises.

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Reduced Call Costs

As a Tier 1 provider, AVOXI provides you voice services at a fraction of the cost of most virtual phone systems, creating massive cost savings overall. Companies switching to AVOXI often save up to 50% on VoIP call rates alone.

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Affordable Pricing Plans

Enjoy a simple pricing plan without all the add-ons or hidden fees you've come to expect from call management platforms. Take advantage of no setup fees, no minimum contracts, and affordable VoIP phone service plans.

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Amazing Call Quality

We've spent nearly 20 years building the global infrastructure expected of a Tier 1 carrier. Over 99% of calls handled by AVOXI's network receive MOS scores above the global standard for "excellent" voice quality.

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Worldwide Reliability

Cloud-based platform with no single point of failover. Built on Google Cloud Platform for secure storage, powerful compute speeds, and ultimate reliability. Same infrastructure as Google. Speed, flexibility, and security. 

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Transition to the Cloud

Move your existing phone system to the cloud at your own pace. Our contact center platform and virtual phone numbers work over the top your existing business phone system. No additional hardware to configure or maintain. 

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Dedicated Support

Do business with people, not machines. We don't outsource our support so our customers get access to our in-house team of experts, 24/7. You also get a dedicated account manager who is focused on your specific business needs. 

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Run your VoIP phone solution from anywhere you have an internet connection. Instantly add or edit users and phone numbers. Configure your account settings, call routing options, IVR menus, from your online interface.

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Quality Assurance

Take advantage of quality assurance tools like custom notes, call dispositions, live call monitoring, call recording, call scoring and all the analytics and reporting views you need to track and improve performance metrics.

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Product Roadmap

Every month, our dedicated engineers are adding new features to the AVOXI Genius platform. Our customers agree that there when working with a company focused on growth and innovation vs legacy providers, there is no comparison. 

Common Questions About Large Business VoIP Solutions

How long does it take to set up my VoIP phone system?

With AVOXI, you can set up your enterprise virtual phone system in 1 business day or less. 

Are there any physical requirements that I need before starting my trial?

As a cloud-based call forwarding system, the AVOXI Genius platform can be used anywhere where you have a stable internet connection (150 kbps per simultaneous call recommended).

Can I use call management software with my existing business phone system?

Yes, our call management software works over the top of any existing phone system or as a stand-alone VoIP phone system. 

What level of support is included with my service?

24/7 phone support is available to all customers using the AVOXI Genius contact center platform. You can also access the AVOXI Genius support team via email anytime, open support tickets from your login, or call us directly. 

How long does it take to add users or phone lines in my enterprise VoIP phone system?

AVOXI Genius is designed to give you complete control over your enterprise phone system. After signing up, you can instantly add, edit, and remove users from your own user interface. You can also activate toll free or local phone lines from 160+ countries instantly.

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to the best virtual phone service for enterprises, popular services from AVOXI include VoIP phone lines from 160+ countries. 

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