Call Transfer

Seamlessly transfer callers to other departments and agents with the touch of a button using AVOXI’s call transfer feature.

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Live Call Transfer

How many times have you had to deal with callers choosing the wrong department or requesting information from another department? The AVOXI Genius call transfer feature can help. Call transfer enables a user to instantly relocate an existing call to another telephone or attendant console by using the transfer button and dialing the required location.


Transfer to Any Number or Extension

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to transfer your call to ANY phone number, extension or voicemail.


Take Advantage of Warm or Blind Transfer

Choose to chat with the agent receiving the call transfer before it happens or don’t with warm and blind call transfer.


Types of Call Transferring

Warm Transfer - If you want to prepare your team member before they receive your transferred call, use the warm transfer feature. With this transfer method, agents can speak to each other before transferring a caller.


Blind Transfer - If no information needs to be shared between agents before transferring a call, you can quickly transfer the call using the blind transfer function on your webphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra charge to use the call transfer feature?

No, there is no additional charge to use the call transfer feature. Call transfer is included with every Genius license.

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to the best call transfer software for business, popular services from AVOXI include web-based call center software.

See What Call Transfer Software Can Do for You

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