Contact Center Features

AVOXI Genius offers the features you need to run a better contact center.

Cloud Contact Center Contact Center Features

Call Routing & Management

Improve your communications with AVOXI Genius's call routing features to better manage your call center.


Help callers navigate to the best agent for their needs. Easily manage your IVR menus, intros, and routing from the user interface.

ACD (Call Routing)

Automatically route your company's calls to the right agent every time with custom routing rules.

Call Queues

Set up unlimited call queues and manage features like custom ring rules, custom greetings and more from the user interface.

Ring Groups

Route your calls to designated groups of agents.

Time-Based Routing

Route incoming based on the time of day or day of week or month.

Forward to Phone

Forward incoming calls to another landline, cell phone, or SIP address.

CRM Data Dips

Sync your IVR and CRM for more personalized caller interactions and improved customer experience.

Personalized Greetings

Create customizable pre-recorded messages to greet your callers.

Quality Assurance

Ensure adherence to your quality assurance standards with Genius's quality assurance features.

Call Recording

Ensure compliance and track performance over time via cloud-hosted call recording with custom storage options.

Call Monitoring

Listen in on calls between your agents and customers to improve communications and customer service.

Call Barge

While using live call monitoring, step-in and help your agents through difficult interactions when needed.

Call Whisper

Coach your agents during live calls without alerting the other caller of your presence.

Call Scoring

Rate your agent's calls to track performance over time and provide more effective coaching.

Call Dispositions and Notes

Tag calls with custom disposition labels to track outcomes over time.

PCI Compliant Call Recording

Use controls to provide a secure and compliant means of processing sensitive credit card data.

Voice / Telephony

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International Numbers

Instantly activate virtual phone lines in over 160 countries at globally competitive rates.

Inbound & Outbound Calling

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Unlimited Concurrent Calls

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Superior Call Quality

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Standard Call Controls

Call control features include call transfer, hold, mute, and more.

Agent-to-Agent Calling

Allows agents to call other agents directly from their Genius account.

Voicemail Transcription

Read your voicemails instead of listening to them through voicemail transcriptions sent to your email.


Streamline your business's workflow and boost productivity with Genius integrations.

Salesforce Integration

Create more personalized customer-agent interactions and boost productivity with Salesforce integration.

CRM Integrations

Drive better agent-customer experiences and streamline workflows by integrating your CRM platforms with Genius.

Two-Way Data Synchronization

No need to manually upload data across your systems⁠—data between your CRMs and Genius will always be synced.


As an AVOXI Genius customer, we'll offer you a variety of ways to get the support you need.

24/7 Phone Support

Get the technical support you need with our 24/7 customer support by phone.

Email Support

Email our customer support team to get assistance from our customer support specialists.

Knowledge Base

Use our expansive knowledge center to get the answers and information you need for your phone system.

Onboarding Coach

Get a streamlined onboarding and setup experience with one of our onboarding specialists.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Keep your existing phone number from an external carrier while taking advantage of Genius's features.

Features Coming Soon

We have so many new features coming soon to AVOXI Genius! Here's a look at what's next:

Skills-Based Routing

Automatically route calls to the agents most qualified to handle your caller's need.


Allows your agents can make and receive calls from any application they are working in.


Keep your agents and supervisors in sync by displaying real-time data via customizable wallboards.

Email Notifications

Get customizable email notifications for missed calls and voicemails.

Desktop Notifications

Receive live pop-up desktop notifications when you receive a call.

Customized Daily Reporting

Create custom reports by filtering by ring group, phone number, time frame, agent or department.

Customized Agent Dashboard

Create customized dashboards and share information across the entire organization.

Custom Reporting Thresholds

Customize your service level time threshold that works best for your business.

Reporting API

Real-time reporting and customizable API-based dashboards.

Integrations API

Quickly integrate your internal system or software applications with Genius.