Report: Fast Tracking the Omnichannel Movement


Fast Tracking the Omnichannel Movement

Is Your Business Set Up for Success?


Two-thirds of people expect businesses to communicate with them over messaging apps.

The Customer Need

Customers today expect a high level of excellence from the brands they engage with. Not only is a quality product expected, but personalized customer experience is demanded. As customer expectations continue to climb, more and more businesses are seeking alternative digital channels - outside of the phone and email - to facilitate that need.

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Our survey shows 32% of businesses would like to have chat as a customer communication channel, and a combined 54% also anticipate adding messaging channels like WhatsApp and Social. 

"It’s all about making customers happier. Valuing their time is the most important thing a company can provide when it comes to customer service,"


says Sofia Rossato, CEO of SnapEngage.

“Messaging, including chat, provides customers with the immediate and real-time resolutions they’re looking for, while also helping businesses lower cost and increase scale.”

The Business Dilemma

While many companies are well on their way to becoming more omnichannel, the unforeseen events of COVID-19 earlier this year have significantly condensed those timelines for many organizations. Businesses are finding themselves having to make adjustments to their operations on the fly in order to support their new remote workforce and unexpected spikes in customer interactions.  

With businesses now quickly changing course to respond to the new normal, it begs the question: Do companies have the right technologies and processes in place to successfully support the influx of customer data that will follow by adding more customer communication channels to their mix?

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72% of respondents say they don’t feel confident in the accuracy of their customer feedback data.

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Of the businesses surveyed where budgets were constrained due to COVID-19, only 45% reported having any form of automation currently in place.

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The Results

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