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Introducing AVOXI Genius, the First Truly Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. Finally, a Simple, Effective, and Affordable Contact Center Solution for Any Business.

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The Intelligent, Effective, and Affordable Contact Center Solution

Setting up a virtual contact center doesn't need to be difficult. AVOXI Genius is the first intelligent, cloud-based contact center solution built to be effective, affordable, and easy-to-use for any business. Finally, your company doesn't need to pay premium prices for perfect call quality and enterprise features like multi-level IVR, ACD, call monitoring, call recording, voicemail and transcription, custom call queues and many more. Test AVOXI Genius today and try the best cloud contact center for business risk-free.

Expect the Best Contact Center Solution for Business

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Inbound Contact Center Section

Inbound contact center intro:

  • Line about ACD / Inbound Routing
  • Line about IVR / Custom Greetings
  • Line about Call Queues and Call Groups
  • Line about Voicemail and Transcription Features
  • Line about other routing features, if warranted
  • Line about CTI, if we offer it.

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Outbound Contact Center Features

Outbound call center intro:

  • Line about global outbound dialing.
  • Line about features like custom caller id, call barring, etc.
  • Line about SIP trunk management, (if this still works?)
  • Line about server locations in US and Hong Kong (call quality)
  • Line about great outbound rates worldwide.

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Call Management/Ease-of-Use

Call Management / Ease-of-Use:

  • Line about Call Monitoring (MWB – monitor whisper barge)
  • Line about Call Recording
  • Line about Call Disposition
  • Line about available Analytics (need clarification on this)
  • Line about easy self-setup
  • Line about being able to do everything from your desktop or mobile device

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Benefits of Choosing AVOXI

AVOXI Advantage:

  • Combine you contact center solution with your global voice needs
  • Points of presence, global availability and competitive pricing
  • Line about compliance and audio encryption (need to follow-up about PCI compliance?)
  • Line about Failover/Uptime (can we say 99.999%? Seems like a competitive requirement but obviously that isn’t the case for us today.)
  • Line about transferring existing numbers to AVOXI to earn credit now and reduce ongoing costs
  • Line about ease-of-use, intelligence, and/or pricing

Set Up Your Cloud Contact Center Today

Easily set up your contact center online. After selecting an option below, you can set up your features yourself or have an AVOXI specialist help you. After your setup, an AVOXI contact center expert with contact you to ensure your service is customized to your preferences and answer any questions you may have.

*Will update this section once I learn the actual process we have to onboard new customers.

Genius Essential

$5 per month
  • Virtual Phone

  • Virtual Attendant/IVR

  • Call Queues / Call Groups

  • Other Cool Things

  • More Cool Things

Genius Contact

$25 per month
  • Genius Contact+

  • Advanced IVR

  • Call Monitoring

  • Advanced Thing

  • More Advanced Thing

This is the Line Where I Ask About the Exact Thing You're Still Worried About?

No need to worry, here is the exact answer you need to hear in order to relax and click that button!

Why So Many Companies Choose AVOXI


Global Coverage

Integrate your cloud contact center with your phone services anywhere you do business. *update with messaging about global number availability



Powered by Google's Cloud Platform, AVOXI Genius uses machine learning to evolve with your business. *update this if it is not accurate yet / mention AI?


Superior Call Quality

Over 98% of calls handled by AVOXI score above the global standard for "excellent" VoIP call quality. *update this to mention server locations

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Simple, Effective, Affordable

Finally, an affordable contact center solution built for any business. To maximize savings, compare your call rates and see how much you can save by porting numbers to AVOXI.


Customer Focus

The AVOXI Genius team is always available for you. Call, chat, or email us anytime. We're here for you 24/7.


Reliable Cloud Security

Protect your communications with data and voice encryption, clustered firewalls, fraud monitoring, reliable failover routing and PCI compliance. *need clarification on these

Customer Testimonial Section

*rolling slide of positive comments/reviews from our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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