Intelligent IVR (Smart IVR) – Glossary

Intelligent IVR (Smart IVR)

What is an intelligent IVR? Learn what separates smart IVR solutions from the rest.

What is Intelligent IVR?

An intelligently designed IVR is one that is one that solves or contributes to solving caller questions without frustrating them first. That means concise messaging, intuitive menu options, and an efficient call flow. But an intelligent IVR, or smart IVR, consistently takes it a step further.  

IVRs allow callers to route themselves to the right agent, while a smart IVR recognizes phone numbers of existing customers and routes them accordingly. IVR routes callers to agents without the help of a human operator, while a smart IVR also allows customers to access information and make payments on their own.  

What Makes an IVR Smart?

There are many combinations of features that an intelligent IVR system can include depending on the user’s industry requirements. Capabilities that separate standard IVR solutions from smart ones include: 

Automatic Voice Recognition

Some conversational IVR systems are capable of voice recognition, opening up more self-service options for callers. Like when customers call their bank and are able to use their voice as their password.

CRM & Helpdesk Integration

Intelligent IVRs take CRM integration one step further. Instead of one way integrations, a smart IVR integration uses 2-way data exchanges, allowing your technologies to work together intuitively. 

Detailed Reporting & Predictive Analytics

Monitor performance, optimize call flows, and improve CSAT scores with customised reports and analytics dashboards. Some smart IVRs predict what your callers are looking based on integrated data and historical reporting, reducing average hold times ever further.

IVR Callback

Allowing callers to keep their place in line and receive a callback instead of waiting on hold is a customer experience homerun. On top of that, you don’t have to pay call charges for callers that choose not to wait on hold. 

Secure Payment Processing

Callers routing themselves to the right agent is great, but customers completing their goals without speaking to an agent is even better. Secure payment processing over the phone is essential for survival in many industries, specifically banking, collections, and insurance.

Speech-to-Text & Natural Language Processing

Smart IVR solutions harness the power of machine learning, generating beautiful messages and directions for callers without relying on voice recordings with speech-to-text and natural language processing (NLP).

Why Companies Prioritize Smart IVR Solutions

Improve CSAT Scores

Visibility into where you need to tweak things, where you’re leaving money on the table, etc. 

The detailed analytics provided by smart IVR solutions gives companies visibility into where their call flow and messaging can improve. Intelligent IVR also recognizes customer account details, meaning personalized greetings and faster routes to the right agent for any customer that calls in. On top of that, a smart IVR with queue callback is like a cheat code for higher CSAT scores. 

Happier, More Productive Agents

Another force pushing CSAT scores up is superior agent performance. Smart IVR remembers details given by customers, so they don’t have to repeat themselves when connected to an agent. Integrations with CRM or helpdesk platforms provides agents with customer screen pops during calls, giving them context for the call and customer account history at their fingertips. 

In addition, happier agents stick around longer. Agent turnover is one of the top costs of large call centers or customer support teams. When the average tenure of your agents increases, the compounding benefits of more experienced agents interacting with customers and each other drives overall performance to new levels. 

Reduce Operational Costs

Intelligent IVR reduces operational expenses via headcount and telecom costs. CRM integration and queue callback drastically reduce average hold times and talk times in the call center, cutting down on call charges. And with happier agents that are less likely to leave, organizations don’t have to spend as much on reducing agent turnover. But intelligent IVR isn’t just a cost reduction tool. The positive impact it has on agent performance and customer experience metrics drives up the ROI from smart IVR solutions even further!

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