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How Can a Toll Free Number Improve Your Business?

A telephone number doesn’t come off as an essential asset, but a toll free number can improve multiple areas within your business. If you are currently deciding if your business needs a toll free number, you are missing out on the cheapest and easiest way to grow your business. Here’s how:

Grow Your Business Internationally

Trying to grow your business? Of course you are! Guess what your first step should be? Get a toll free number! Not only will your brand get instant recognition and creditability, but studies show that your sales and ROI will increase.

When your call to action is a toll free number, your business will instantly be perceived bigger than it is and will expand your business past its current region, state and, ultimately, country. After all, toll free numbers are just as popular in China as they are in the USA and are easy for people to identify and remember. With a toll free number, your business can reach new heights and grow to its full potential and beyond.

People Respond to Toll Free Numbers

The easier you make the process for customers to reach you, the more likely they will become or remain a customer. This phrase is business 101, and your simple, easy-to-remember toll free number will speak to the masses and improve customer satisfaction. In America, 90% of consumers say they utilize toll free phone numbers on a regular basis. Customers respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll free phone number. Toll free phone numbers can also help decrease customer product returns by up to 50% by giving consumers a free line of communication to resolve issues over the phone instead of simply returning products.

The Price is Right

Most toll free numbers are charged on a monthly basis. Some toll free numbers are bundled with a set amount of minutes. Plans with fewer minutes start around $30 a month but for high minute users, the cost can go as high as a few hundred dollars monthly.

Other plans charge a flat rate for the number itself and charge a per-minute charge for usage. For this type of plan, the number alone costs around $14 a month. You’ll then be charged an originating and terminating fee for each minute on the call. These fees depend on where the call was made and how the call is delivered.

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