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Get Hungary Toll Free Numbers for Business

Customers in Hungary call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world. 

Customers in Hungary call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Establish a Local Presence in Hungary

The format for Hungary Toll Free Numbers begins with one of two extensions followed by five digits. Those extensions are:

  • 06 800 XXX XX
  • 06 801 XXX XX

Toll free numbers in Hungary are a simple and cost-effective way to establish a presence in the market. These numbers can be routed to almost any landline, cell phone, or IP address, providing your existing and potential Hungary customers with a way to contact your business free of charge.

Who Can Call My Hungary Number?

Hungarian toll free numbers can be called from both land lines and mobile phones from within the country.

Calling and Doing Business in Hungary

Hungary toll free numbers are actually international toll free phone numbers (ITFS) that allow your customers to contact you free of charge.  AVOXI can send those customer calls to your office, mobile phone, or any other phone number that you choose.  So no matter where your business is located, you can connect with new and existing customers in the Hungarian market.

Hungary uses the forint as its official currency. Its official language is Hungarian, but many of the residents also speak English and German.

About Hungary

Hungary FlagThe largest city in Hungary is Budapest. The country is was officially name “The Republic of Hungary” until officially changed to simply “Hungary” in 2011. The Hungary economy is complex and the country ranks in the top 50 highest GDP’s in the world, with a very high human development index and strong skilled labor force. Hungary can be described as typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly cold winters.





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Availability of Local DID Numbers for Hungary

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in the following cities in Hungary.

  • Budapest

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