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Get Luxembourg Toll Free Numbers for Business

Customers in Luxebourg call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world. 

Customers in Luxebourg call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Establish a Local Presence in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Toll Free Numbers start with 800 2 followed by four digits. The International Toll Free Service (ITFS) format is:

  • 800 2 XXXX

800 numbers can be an ideal way to grow your business in Luxembourg. You can advertise a number that is free for customers to call – helping better support current customers and attracting more new customers. Luxembourg 800 numbers can also be diverted to any landline, mobile phone or IP address and provide a cost-effective way to establish a presence in Luxembourg without opening and staffing an office.

Who Can Call My Luxembourg Number?

Luxembourg toll free numbers are not accessible from mobile networks. Full country coverage provided by PTT Lux, Tele2, Global one, Codenet. Coins requested from public phone, but will be returned.

Calling and Doing Business in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg the most common date format is dd/mm/yyyy. The calling code for Luxembourg spans from UTC +1 and UTC +2. The populace of Luxembourg is 517,000. The official languages are German, French, and Luxembourish.

Luxembourg toll free numbers are international toll free phone numbers (ITFS) that Luxembourgers may utilize to call you toll free. Their calls forward to your office, any land line, or your cellular telephone number. On your business trip to Luxembourg take note that you will be driving on the right. Luxembourg uses the Euro as its official money. There are significant business centers in the large cities including Luxembourg City.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg FlagIn Luxembourg, the climate is an oceanic climate, marked by high precipitation. A landlocked country located in the northern & eastern hemispheres of western Europe, Luxembourg is officially named the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Its capital and largest city is Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has a large financial services sector. Its diverse manufacturing base centers on steel production with significant production in the cement, glass, chemical and plastics.





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Availability of Local DID Numbers for Luxembourg

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in the following cities in Luxembourg.

No cities with local number availability found.

We add new cities regularly—contact an AVOXI representative for the latest list.

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