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Gain local presence with telephone numbers in Vancouver.

Establish a Local Presence in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada offers a superb target to expand your customer base and gain a local presence without establishing a bricks and mortar building.

By using AVOXI for Vancouver Telephone Numbers, you can reach local customers in the city and surrounding area and present your business as a local presence in Vancouver.

It’s simple to route inbound calls to your Vancouver local phone number to any existing phone line or device by using AVOXI’s international call forwarding. Just set up your preferences by accessing AVOXI’s easy-to-use online portal. You can change your call forwarding settings, establish time of day routing, configure your virtual attendant, access call recordings, and more.

Manage Your Vancouver Telephone Numbers

With your Vancouver local number, you have access to business-class features available with AVOXI’s cloud PBX solution. Manage your numbers and extensions easily through the web interface. View the video to see an overview of key features and functions.

Vancouver Phone Numbers for Local and National Calling

The third largest metropolitan area in Canada, Vancouver is an international city with extensive linguistic and ethnic diversity. Hosting several international conferences and events, Vancouver is classed as a Beta global city—indicating its importance to the world’s economy. With its large industrial centers, diversified port and trade economics, and lifestyle and health culture, Vancouver is a prime location to target for customer expansion. And, with a local phone number (DID) for Vancouver, you readily establish a local presence—making it easy for customers in Vancouver to contact your business.

Local phone numbers from Vancouver use the area codes 674 and 416, and can be forwarded to any VoIP device, mobile phone, or landline.

Create a Virtual Office in Vancouver

Stretching the value of your investment in your business, local numbers from AVOXI make it easy and inexpensive for prospects and customers to get in touch with your business. Make it simple to connect with your customers—whether they are located across town or across the world.

Ready to create your business’ virtual office in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada? Contact an AVOXI VoIP specialist for a quote today.

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