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Automated Call Distribution

Match the right calls to the right agents with automated call distribution.

Smart Queue Automated Call Distribution

Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is the heart of an inbound call center. This essential feature allows you to route incoming calls to the right agent based on your customized configuration. Route incoming calls based on customer location, time of day, or even your agents’ individual skill sets.

Feature Highlights

  • Shorter call processing times
  • Reduced cost per call
  • Increased calls handled without adding agents

Time of Day Routing

With time of day routing, you can automatically route incoming calls to different numbers or agents based on the time parameters you choose.

For example, say you have two customer support locations; one in the United States and one in the Philippines. You have customers calling you at all hours of the day but your primary office in the United States is only open from 6am to 8pm.

Time of day routing allows you to program your incoming calls to be delivered to your United States office during those specific hours and outside those hours, have them delivered to your office in the Philippines.

Skills-Based Routing

With Smart Queue’s skills-based routing feature, you can quickly match customers to the agents who are best equipped to handle their needs. This can be based on the agent’s area of expertise, customer priority, language spoken, etc.

Customers are routed to the right agent the first time, allowing customer needs to be met as quickly as possible. This reduces cost per call, reduces call transfer rates, and increases customer satisfaction.

Geographical Routing

Geographic call routing is an enhanced service that allows companies with call centers or offices in different locations to route calls based on origin – city, state, or area code – to the appropriate call center or office.

For example, one company can have a single 1-800 number and route toll-free calls from the Southeast to their Atlanta call center, from the Northeast to their New York call center, and calls from the Midwest to Chicago.

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