Block unwanted calls with Smart Queue’s inbound call blocking feature.

Smart Queue Blacklisting Feature

Smart Queue, AVOXI's virtual call center software, allows you to create a blacklist of phone numbers and block unwanted calls. Also known as inbound call blocking, the blacklist feature helps improve call center agent productivity and saves your call center money on unwanted calls.

How Does Blacklisting Work?

Smart Queue’s blacklist feature is easy to use. Call center supervisors can add phone numbers to the blocked call list or the VIP call list in seconds.

Simply log into Smart Queue as a supervisor, and navigate to Settings. From there, select Edit Known Numbers, and add the phone number you wish to block to the list.

Mark the number as Blacklisted, the phone number is immediately blocked from reaching your call center.

How Can Blacklisting Help My Call Center?

An essential tool, blacklisting, or inbound call blocking, shields your agents from unwanted calls. Your business not only saves money, but performs more efficiently when spam calls, bots, telemarketers, and more are prevented from reaching your call center.

Increase Agent Productivity

Your agents’ time is valuable. Every minute that a call center agent spends on the phone with a spam caller or pushy telemarketer is time that should be spent on existing and potential customers.

Save Money on Unwanted Calls

Spam calls cost your call center money. Calls that are blocked by Smart Queue’s blacklisting feature never connect to your call center. That means that your call center isn’t charged for minutes wasted by unwanted callers.

Decrease Average Wait Time

Unwanted calls hurt agent productivity, but they also affect your call center’s customer service levels. If your call queue is filled with spam callers and unqualified contacts, your call center’s average wait time increases.

By blocking unwanted callers, you ensure that your real customers are routed to an agent as quickly as possible.

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