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Call Center Quality Assurance Tracking

Use quality assurance tools to measure, monitor, and optimize agent performance.

Call center agents are on the front line of every call center. In many cases, they are the only live point of contact for your customers. When agents don’t perform, it hurts your customers as well as your business as a whole. Quality management is essential to the long-term success of your agents, your customers, and your business.

With the call center quality assurance feature set, you can:

  • Create custom QA forms tailored to your agent performance goals
  • Track agent performance over time
  • Identify areas for improvement

Benefits of Quality Management Features

Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software, makes it easy to measure, monitor, and optimize agent performance.

Monitor and Manage Remote Agents

With the Smart Queue Quality Management program, call center managers have as much, if not more, visibility into their remote agents as they do for those who work in the bricks and mortar call center. Hosted in the cloud, the Smart Queue platform enables supervisors to listen in on calls, complete QA forms, and track agent performance from anywhere.

Easy Access to Call Recordings

Smart Queue makes it easy to listen to past call recordings while completing quality assurance tasks. A link to the associated call recording is accessible from the QA form tab.

Single Sign-on for Call Center and Quality Management Tools

Access call center features and quality assurance tools from the same platform. No need to purchase an additional quality assurance software and remember yet another login and password.

How Quality Assurance Tracking Works

The Smart Queue Quality Management feature set includes  customizable quality assurance (QA) evaluations, advanced reporting, and easy access to call recordings.

QA forms are an essential piece of any successful call center quality assurance program. Built into the Smart Queue platform, QA forms are available for every inbound and outbound call that goes through your call center.

Call Center Quality Assurance FormTo complete a Quality Assurance form in Smart Queue, simply generate a queue report, and visit the Answered Calls tab, and click on the QA option next to the call you wish to review. When the customized form appears, complete your QA review and click save. Your notes and rating will be saved in the Smart Queue system.

Do you have specific expectations of your agents you would like included in Quality Assurance Reports? AVOXI agents will work with you to create a customized QA form that fits your business needs.

Build your Call Center Quality Management Program with Smart Queue

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