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Call Forwarding

Answer calls anywhere in the world with call forwarding.

Call Forwarding Feature

The AVOXI Core cloud PBX phone system is designed to help businesses stay connected. Call forwarding lets you and your employees answer calls anywhere, whether you are in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly configure your own rules to forward calls
  • Create advanced forwarding rules based on time of day and more
  • Work from anywhere - forward calls to any number or device

Call Forwarding

Advanced Call Forwarding Configuration

The AVOXI Core phone system gives you the power and flexibility to create your own call forwarding rules. You decide when and where your calls are forwarded in the easy-to-use AVOXI Core Portal.

You can also forward your calls to as many numbers or devices as you like. You can choose to have calls forwarded to those numbers at the same time (simultaneous ring) or in a specific order until the call is answered (sequential ring). If you aren't able to answer the call after every number has been rung, you can choose to send the call to voicemail.

The ability to forward your calls according to your select rules helps ensure call continuity in case of power outages, Internet outage, or a local emergency. Keep your business connected without missing a call. Combined with simultaneous ring, you stay in touch with your customers no matter where you are.

Learn More about Forwarding Calls

Contact an AVOXI sales representative to learn how the call forwarding feature can help you and your employees stay connected and work from anywhere. This feature comes standard with AVOXI Core, a cloud PBX phone system solution, and easily managed through the online portal.

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