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Call Recording System

Easily use cloud call recording service to create better customer experiences. Your call recording features include:

  • Enjoy 15 Days of Free Call Recording with Any Plan
  • Try 30 Days of Cloud Call Recording Storage for Free
  • Set Up Enterprise Call Recording Plans Starting at Just $6.99
  • Access Recordings from Your Desktop or Mobile Device
  • Get a Virtual Number and Start Recording Calls Instantly
  • No Minimum Contracts, No Setup Fees, Try Risk Free
call recording service

Try the Best Call Recording Service Risk-Free

By adding call recording to your virtual number plan, you can gain valuable insights into customer and employee interactions. Store up to 400,000 minutes of recordings, and access them later via your mobile device or computer. Analyze trends, create a better customer experience and help train new employees with ease.

 How to Set Up Cloud Call Recording With Your Virtual Numbers

1. Set Up a Virtual Number Online

Select a number from any of 150+ locations. You can choose a pay-as-you-go plan or set up a larger package to enjoy discounted rates. Every plan includes free call recording service features. There are no setup fees or obligations, you can cancel your service and keep your number anytime.

call recording system
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2. Confirm Your Call Recording Trial

After picking your new virtual number, you simply confirm that you would like to try the 30 day free call recording trial. After your 30 day trial ends, you can still enjoy 15 days of free call recording or activate an extended call recording plan per your needs. You can modify your call recording service anytime.

3. Manage Your Call Recordings Online

Once you've completed these steps and your virtual number is active, you can manage your call recordings from any device when you log in to your user portal! View call details, playback your recordings, or download your call recordings from anywhere.

cloud call recording
call recording service

4. Extended Cloud Call Recording Available

Enjoy extended call recording storage free for your first 30 days. You can continue 30 day call recording storage for $6.99/month, or enjoy free 15 day call recording storage with every call recording plan. And if you need more than 30 days of storage, we have you covered.


Why So Many Companies Choose AVOXI

Cutting Costs (8)

Reduced Cost

Cut your communications costs with affordable call recording services.

Call Recording

Extended Storage

Record and store up to 400,000 minutes of conversations all in the safety of the cloud.

Customer Focus (7)

Customer Focus

Every AVOXI customer has access to 24/7 support a dedicated account manager.

Crystal Clear Call Quality (5)

Amazing Call Quality

Get perfect call quality with any virtual number worldwide, with 99.9% uptime.

Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

Setting up call recording in the US or anywhere else worldwide is quick and easy.

Scalability&Flexibility (6)

Flexible & Scalable

Call recording is easy to set up. Add call recording to any virtual number plan.

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