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Geographical Routing

Route calls based on the location of the caller.

Geographic Call Routing

Available with AVOXI Smart Queue, geographical routing is an enhanced call routing feature that allows businesses with call centers or offices in different locations to route calls based on the location of the caller. Smart Queue detects the city, state, or area code of the incoming call, and automatically routes it to the appropriate call center or office.

Geographic routing ensures that your callers will reach an agent at the location nearest them, so your business never misses an important call. This essential contact center feature can also be used to block calls from certain areas.

Key Benefits

  • Callers reach the appropriate location every time
  • Fewer missed calls due to time zones
  • Calls from locations where services are not provided can be blocked

How Does Geographical Routing Work?

Geographical Call RoutingSmart Queue's geographic call routing feature uses the city, state, or area code of an incoming call to determine where the call should be routed. Calls from specific geographic regions are then routed to different branches or locations based on your configuration.

For example, a business might have a single 1-800 toll free number. With geographic routing, calls made to this number from the Southeastern United States are routed to an Atlanta call center, while calls originating from the Northeastern United States are routed to a New York location.

Geographic Call Blocking

Geographic routing can also be used to block calls from specific regions. This is useful for companies that do not provide service in certain areas. For example, online gambling is only legal in a few areas of the United States. So, gaming companies would use geographic call blocking to block calls from all other states to remain compliant.

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