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Hosted Call Recording

Gain valuable customer insight to maintain quality standards and ensure great customer satisfaction.

Call Recording from AVOXI

Hosted call recording provides invaluable insight that helps managers maintain quality and productivity standards. Whether used to coach representatives to better interact with customers or to identify common problems with products or services, this feature offers a depth of insight into customer interactions. That insight is especially valuable when measuring customer satisfaction and working to address customer issues.

Available with AVOXI Core, our cloud pbx platform, hosted call recording lets you record inbound and outbound calls between representatives and callers. Through the online portal, you can access and listen to calls on demand. Because AVOXI's web-based phone system software is hosted in the cloud, there is no expensive equipment to maintain. That means you gain all the benefits without incurring hardware expenses.

Hosted Call Recording Service

Power up your business with AVOXI Call Recording.

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Business Standard

$6.99 per month/per line
  • Records calls for 30 days rolling

Business Plus

$19.99 per month/per line
  • Records calls for 90 days rolling


$69.99 per month/per line
  • Records calls for 365 days rolling

*Unlimited Minutes. Fair use policy applies.  See terms and conditions.

Simple to Activate

Set up is easy. For new number(s), let your account manager know that you want the feature activated with your selected plan. For numbers you already manage, turn the feature on in the AVOXI Core online portal. You'll select the number to activate for recording along with your preferred package.