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Grace Bay Resorts Cuts Phone Costs
by 75 - 85% While Enhancing Guest Services

With a focus on handmade experiences, Grace Bay Resorts has earned hundreds of awards and accolades since opening in 1993. Their award-winning flagship property Grace Bay Club in Turks & Caicos offers beachfront destinations in three distinct settings: hotel, villas and beachfront villa homes.

Grace Bay aims to treat every guest and prospective guest as a VIP. To do so, it relies heavily on its communication solutions to field hundreds of calls every month, and to keep guests connected during their stays. The ability to operate seamlessly during customer calls is essential to the resort’s business model and hands-on reputation.

In the past, the company lacked a contact center solution with modern features such as automated greetings, call recording and call center metrics. And, it paid heavy long distance costs with a local carrier.

AVOXI - An Easy Sell

When Leo Lumacang heard about AVOXI cloud solutions, the business case was clear. “When I presented to management that we would save thousands and thousands of dollars by switching to AVOXI, it was an easy sell,” says Lumacang, IT Manager at Grace Bay. “We cut our costs by probably 75-85 percent immediately.”

Grace Bay deployed a set of integrated cloud solutions from AVOXI, including a cloud-based phone system, virtual contact center software, a VoIP gateway and international toll-free numbers—all solutions that enhance the guest experience, and reduce costs and management hassles for the resort.

The AVOXI Core cloud PBX solution allows sales agents to manage inbound and outbound calls, as well as inter-company calls at its Miami office and resort. Using AVOXI’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Gateway solution enables personnel, whether in Miami or Turks and Caicos, to reach departments simply by using a four-digit extension—saving time and costs.

Reservations: The First Impression

The reservations contact center typically serves as a guest's first point of contact, and thus plays an essential role in the guest experience. With AVOXI's virtual contact center software solution, Smart Queue, Grace Bay added features that enhance the guest experience, such as automated greetings for guests, call recording, detailed reporting, and caller ID that enables callbacks to guests unable to stay in the queue. The reservations department also configured AVOXI to roll over immediately to a third-party call center partner for after-hours reservations or during high-volume times.

A connection between Smart Queue and the cloud-based phone solution means agents can reach out easily to other departments to ensure all guest requests can be met and finalize bookings.

For Angella Tyson, Director of Reservations, reporting provides essential metrics to help staff phone lines appropriately by day of the week, time of day and time of year. Likewise, call recording provides much-needed insight into agent approaches.


"It's very valuable to sit with agents and review calls, and offer guidance on how to handle situations, so we continuously improve our service levels"

Angella Tyson

Director of Reservations

A Better Guest Experience

Adding the international toll-free numbers plan from AVOXI allowed Grace Bay to offer guests free international toll-free calls to the U.S., Canada, and U.K.—locations from which most of the guests originate.

“I get surprised comments from guests,” Lumacang says. “We can gladly tell them that free calling is part of the amenities we offer. It’s really added value.”

The success of the integrated solutions for the parent resort motivated a rollout of AVOXI solutions to a subsidiary resort, which uses the gateway and contact center solutions to provide interconnections with the hospitality management team and contact center management for its reservation center.

“I can safely grade AVOXI as 99.9 percent reliable”

Leo Lumacang 

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The cloud PBX solution provides another critical benefit for the Caribbean resort: business continuity when storms threaten operations. They can easily shift calls to the Miami office or their third-party provider with no interruption to service.


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